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Pardon the brief interruption from politics..

I just want to say there’s nothing like eating hot oatmeal with brown sugar on a cold winter’s night.

Carry on. 🙂

(Quaker Oatmeal – Maple and Brown Sugar, if anyone is wondering)


3 comments to Pardon the brief interruption from politics..

  • Hmmmmm……

    I think there might be a thing or three that could be better (although it’s not so cold out here in Lotusland these days).

    And one of those things just might be hearing back from Kim Bolan about how she learned of the Bains/Saini connection.

    Details at my place.

    As for the oatmeal, I’m partial to the Apples & Cinammon flavour myself.


  • knb

    Add maple syrup, real Quebec syrup. I don’t actually know the Quaker stuff, but I do make oatmeal, with some maple sugar…and real syrup, just a couple of drops, delish! Maple sugar and syrup, from Quebec, aren’t cheap, but they last a very long time and are worth it.

    Good to see you taking some time for comfort.

  • You’ve obviously never lived down the road from a Quaker Oats factory.

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