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Harper ignores calls for apology to Liberal MP

Well.. I earlier today said I thought it would be 50/50 on whether Harper would apologize and recant his smear of Navdeep Bains yesterday, when he implied that the Liberals were opposed to anti-terror legislation renewal to protect the MP’s father-in-law. I figured if his advisers got a whiff of public opinion, they might get Harper to back down.. but the 2004 version of Harper is still prevalent today – look how he completely sidestepped the question and tried to use it to show how tough he was on terror:

Liberal MP Navdeep Bains demanded an apology from the prime minister during question period. “Yesterday, the prime minister in the House of Commons attacked my integrity and the integrity of my family. Now that he’s had some time to think, will the prime minister simply retract his remarks?” Bains asked.

Pretty simple request eh? Pretty straightforward. Here however, is Harper’s response:

An unrepentant Harper sidestepped the question, instead saying he recognized the Air India bombing was an important matter.”While I don’t accept the premise of the honourable member’s question, I will say this: that I will take, and I think this government will undertake, any action necessary to ensure that we put in place the measures to allow the police to do their investigation and to ensure that these things never occur again.”

Any action necessary – which includes throwing aspersions and innuendo and smear on a Liberal MP and his family, and by extension the Liberal Party, apparently. I would love to see how Harper thinks this stance of smearing a South Asian MP is going to win him additional votes in the South Asian and ethnic voting communities.

Oh, and by the way… the NDP and the BQ oppose the extension of the sunset clauses too.. just in case anyone had forgotten.

EDIT: I hadn’t noticed this, but Catnip reports Harper walked into the House at QP with some family members of the Air India disaster, a move called “highly unusual” by CBC. If its not obvious Harper is trying to politicize a terrible event 20+ years ago in an attempt to gain politically, I don’t know what else you need to see. As with the smear, this is a carbon-copy of the Republicans using 9/11 to partisan advantage to attack their opponents.


13 comments to Harper ignores calls for apology to Liberal MP

  • foottothefire

    Well now,
    Let’s give credit where it’s due.
    Steve the Squid disappears again in a squirt of ink and so does the judicial appointment lamp his butt was searing under. He does that so well. Tubby has got the theatrical side of Parliament down pat and his ability to create the distraction of the day plays well with a deadline desperate press corp.
    So what if another MP gets slagged. They’re all fair game albeit Steveie reached way beyond Bains to make the connection to terrorism (clumsily at that) but Bains will survive. The man (Lumpy) is a master at maggottry. The next day he (Tubby) shows up in parliament with family members of Air India victims….who else other than Barnum and Bailey and Stevie would dare pull that one off. Steve’d show us how he could light farts on fire if it’d gain some press. He’s classless but he’s a master at it.
    Focus on the fact that Steve’s Americanization of Canada took another hit, the judiciary in Canada are now really pissed at him, the “new” greening image being sold by “Canada’s New Government” is more a fungal topping for the Conservative ferris wheel that goes faster in one place than the Queen of Spades could ever have hoped to. Steve has yet to provide Canada with one ORIGINAL policy or legislative initiative of tangible value….not one. The man is incompetent……..he’s an excellent political song and dance man, he loves America but…….he’s incompetent.
    Stay focused, people.

  • Gayle

    Does it matter if the article was factual – because, in case you did not know, there is a difference between fact and innuendo. This man may very well be a person of interest in this inquiry. That does not justify the implication Harper was trying to draw.

    To suggest this was staged is really kind of funny. Of COURSE the liberals realized the PM was going to answer a question about judicial independence by reading a newspaper article about something else entirely and taking that opportunity to smear the good name of one of his fellow MPs. Why wouldn’t they???

    Either it was not staged, or the conservatives simply lived up to their clearly deserved reputation as gutter politicians. Actually, I think both are true.

  • Why is it that when liberals are caught with their pants down, or snookered royally by their opponents, that LibBlogger and “Progressives” come out of the woodwork and use the words:

    apologist, kool-aid, George Bush, Republican, Karl Rove, and whatnot … to beat back any comments against (in this case) Princess Steffi, AKA The Gecko?

    Surely someone in the Liberal sid of the house is not in the shallow end of the gene pool, and can pen an original thought, cogent or otherwise?

  • Charlie Barnard

    this government will undertake, any action necessary

    I find this comment very disconcerting. Isn’t this the same attitude that got our friends south of the border into the mess they’re in now?

  • knb

    Gee Marc, do you just cut and paste? You used the same deep analysis at catnip’s.

  • Marc

    It is also strange that the Liberals have not come out and publicly denied the story that appeared in the Vancouver Sun

  • This entire ‘outrage’ story does not pass the smell test and you are being played by your own party on this one.

    The Vancouver Sun story was known about in advance by some Liberals, including Mr.Bains, and it is not a leap to assume that it would be brought up in the HOC as the anti terror debate really gets going. Cue the outrage, but it looks like the cue was missed as the entire Liberal caucus started screaming BEFORE the PM got out more than a few words. Does anyone see anything strange or suspicious about how fast the screaming started? The timing in itself should raise questions, but if the Liberals knew what was coming and were ready with the outrage it makes perfect sense.

    You would think that with all this outrage that someone, anyone, would be trying to discredit the Vancouver Sun story. But no, all we get is silence from those screaming for an apology from the PM for ALMOST quoting from an article that they cannot deny the facts of.

    As I stated earlier; this does not pass the smell test.


  • Marc

    The Liberals are just big crybabies with their feigned outrage. Wasn’t it the same Liberal party that smeared former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney by accusing him of taking part in the Airbus Scandal? Did they ever apologize to him? I guess they have very selective memories.

  • I am trying to figure out what Scott’s Phony Outrage Of The Week will be in a few days. Stay tuned!

  • knb

    But Harper didn’t attack, or even comment on Bains’ integrity, such as it is.

    Such as it is? Would you care to elaborate?

    This,”he didn’t get a chance…” defense is hilarious. It’s like saying, “he was going to be much more demeaning, but you didn’t let him”. Some very deep critical thinking going on there.

  • Erik, you’ve been drinking more Tory Kool-Aid then I thought

    Better get off of it soon, or you might OD from delusion.

    Using George Bush/Republican/Karl Rove tactics aint going to work up here, Erik.

    It might be red meat for the Blogging Tory hordes like yourself, but it wont play to moderate Canada, so the longer Harper refuses to apologize for this tactic, the more it becomes an issue.

  • Emily

    Erik is the apologist for a PM now.

  • But Harper didn’t attack, or even comment on Bains’ integrity, such as it is. He never got the chance. Nothing he said, up to being interrupted by the other side of the House, was a basis for demanding an apolgy. And if someone is going to have to apologize for reading a newspaper clipping, there’s something seriously askew in LiberalLand. So why should he apologize, and for what?

    BTW, I also believe that the PM said (in effect) that if Bains had a problem with the content of that article, he should take it up with the Vancouver paper. Quite proper, Harper didn’t pen the words.

    No, I think this is just faux “outrage” to TRY to detract from the message that “might” have been implied/said if Harper had been permitted to speak. Meanwhile, the media has thankfully made it “bigger” than it needed to be, free, for the CPC and Harper now has two nails to put into the “soft on terror” bit during any election. And no phony “human rights” rebuttal is going to cut it.

    Just the latest dead fish on the table, Scott.

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