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Blog martyrs

I would think it would be a pretty hard thing to do to turn Jason Cherniak into a blog martyr, given his notoriety amongst some of his blogging acquaintances, but that has managed to happen.

Well done folks in showing what a thin skin some of you have against some very mild criticism in my opinion.

Edit: If I’m not clear, as apparently a couple of commenters seem to show.. I think the Ipsos employee was silly in what he did. I’m criticizing them for them having the thin skin, not Jason.


7 comments to Blog martyrs

  • I certainly wouldn’t call Cherniak a “martyr”.

    A dedicated, misguided, blinkered and at times, a thick-as-a-post Liberal and lawyer, but not a martyr.

  • Actually Mike.. I hadnt gotten the impression that Jason was quitting blogging. I was just pointing out that one of the more controversial bloggers out there has managed to get himself a wave of sympathy from bloggers not normally prone to giving him any kindness or sympathy.

    Did he say anywhere in that piece he was giving up blogging? I took it to mean he was ending his public campaign talking about this particular issue.

  • As a former martyr myself, I’m sure Jason will be back. He, like me, is just too opinionated to not blog again.

    Give him some time to cool down and figure this out and he’ll be back with guns blazing…

  • I misinterpreted your use of the word “martyr”. It seems like “saint” would be more appropriate in this context then.

  • Actually.. I seem to have been misinterpreted here.

    I’m saying that the Ipsos Company or its employee or whatever was wrong in how they contacted Jason. My point was that Jason is very hard to turn into a martyr, and because an employee of Ipsos decided to take it personally, he managed to do that – an extremely, very dificult task

    So.. I actually agree with you Catnip, and disagree with Kim.

  • I disagree with you Scott. If some wanker contacted me like that, I’d do exactly what I suggested to Jason: go over the guy’s head to his bosses. That Josh person abused his position at Ipsos to try to bully Cherniak. That’s unacceptable.

  • I’m with you on this one. Oh the injustice! The horror! What alot of melodrama, about not much at all. A more appropriate course of action was suggested by cicero in pants — write a formal letter of complaint to the company rather than playing this melodrama out online. Maybe these kids need a time out!

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