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Condemnation of the PM’s cheapshot is across the board.

A night of sleep did not leave me feeling any less angry at what the Prime Minister did yesterday in the House, when he attempted to link the Liberals opposition to extending the sunset clauses as somehow being due to the fact they wanted to protect Navdeep Bain’s father-in-law from testifying. This was the 2004 “Paul Martin supports child porn” version of Harper. It was also the start of sinking poll numbers in that election campaign due to that comment when the voters didnt like what they saw or hear, so we’ll see if this has any effect. I suspect it will, at least short-term.

Liberals and Progressives aren’t the only ones outraged at Harper’s comments (and there are many, by the way): It extends to the other Opposition Parties (BQ leader Gilles Duceppe called it “a serious lack of dignity“, while NDP MP Nathen Cullen said it was wrong and “absolutely embarrassing” what Harper did) to columnists (Ibbittson in the Globe called it “a baseless and base counterattack“, while the National Post’s Don Martin called on Harper to apologize, though he also expected he wouldn’t. Nothing from the Star surprisingly, but I did see Jim Travers on CBC call it sleazy, or words to that effect) and even a couple of conservative blogs (though that # is so far predictably low).

Now then.. will he apologize in the House today? I’d say it’s 50-50, and why I give that number is because while Harper has shown himself to be the most partisan Prime minister in recent Canadian history (and the sleaziest as it turns out), he also has his ear to the ground on polls and what Canadians think of him. If there is any sign of discontent.. he flip-flops in order to remove any hindrance to his obsessed-after majority government. Its what he’s trying to do on the Environment, and if his advisers see the widespread outrage and figure that this isn’t a good thing (which it isn’t and shouldn’t be), they may quietly advise the PM to do a public tactical withdrawal. We’ll see.

By the way, the one thing that that this baseless drive-by-smear has done, according to a couple of different news sources, is that it has so enraged the Liberal caucus they will stand to a person united to defeat the anti-terror sunset legislation in question just to spite Harper and to show solidarity for Navdeep Bains.

So.. in a way, Harper has done Dion a favour by uniting the Liberal caucus behind him. I guess there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. (which doesn’t excuse this disgraceful statement).

UPDATE: Debra over at April Reign has redesigned the cover of the Conservatives last platform policy book released during the election to more accurately reflect in her mind what the Tories new slogan should be. Is it harsh? You bet it is.. but Harper should have known he was going to let loose the dogs of war with his attack. He deserves whatever comes his way.


7 comments to Condemnation of the PM’s cheapshot is across the board.

  • The fortunate outcome is that it has united the Liberal caucus. And quite rightly condemning the PM’s actions. He has once again shown the his true nature. His attempt to infer that any Politica Party would block legislation, and potentially put lives or the course of justice at risk, is simply a ridiculous proposition. I for one find it impossible to believe that anyone endowed with even a tiny bit of common sense or intelligence wouldn’t see his actions for what they are. Another sleazy partisan attempt to garner votes.

  • Yes, “everyone” is against this latest “outrage” … which was never spoken. But it was a great tactical move by the PM, eh, and Dion & Co fell for it hook, line and sinker. You can’t buy that much publicty, nor get a sound clip of a Liberal across the aisle clearly telling the PM to “fuck off” BEFORE the pre-scripted chanting begins.

    Yes, “everyone”. I commend to you this link (Home in Hespeler)
    where “everyone” lemmings sign petitions to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide, otherwise known as water.

    “Everyone” is almost as useful as “they” these days. BTW, why not just admit you Liberals got royally snookered by Harper & Co, and move on? Are you folks really beginning to feel the pain, the Steffi-itis?

  • Great summary of the reaction–thanks!

  • Calls of racism and bigotry are probably just as stupid as Harpers smear. You have to keep it real to maintain the outrage.

    Thanks for the link Scott.


  • Scott,

    What does it have to do with bigotry? It’s not so much that April’s new cover is “harsh”, it’s that it’s “stupid” and “makes no sense”. So Harper deserves stupid and baseless attacks based on his stupid and baseless attack. I see…


  • You are right, one good night of sleep has not lessened my anger in any way. I am South Asian, and a Liberal, but the anger I feel is more as a South Asian, as an Immigrant, rather than as a Liberal.

  • […] In case you missed it, Harper seriously crossed a line yesterday in the House of Commons with a premeditated attempt to smear a Liberal MP. Now everyone and their uncle has blogged about the story already so I won’t bother with the details, although I will direct you to Scott’s blog for wide selection of media responses… none of which is to say that I have no interest in responding. […]

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