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Bloggers Hotstove – Feb 20/07 Edition

Another edition of the Bloggers Hotstove, delayed a couple nights due to some people not being able to make it. This week we had Saskboy of Abandoned Stuff in on the panel, joining Greg Staples, James Bow and Mike Park. There was an excellent discussion in the first part of the show on net neutrality (a topic Saskboy has written about several times on his blog), and I highly recommend listening to that part of the show.


3 comments to Bloggers Hotstove – Feb 20/07 Edition

  • HandsOffPlease

    Scott, Working with the Hands Off the Internet Coalition for awhile now, I feel the real threat to the internet’s future is burdensome net neutrality regulations.

    According to Deloitte & Touche, “global traffic will exceed the Internet’s capacity as soon as this year.”

    Net neutrality would slow down backbone investment to a crawl and at a time when consumers are demanding a sound internet to upload their own content, we don’t have time to work at a snails pace.

  • Heh.. I didnt mean to imply the rest of the show was worse. :em19:

    I did notice however for all the talk on the SC poll.. the Decima poll that was released the same day (which I mentioned at this site) showed a still neck and neck race and the Tories actually losing ground in Ontario and the Liberals gaining in Quebec at the expense of the Bloc.. but of course Greg would have never brought that up to ruin his narrative, and none of the rest of you either noticed it or wanted to ruin it either.

    The talk on the anti-terror bill was good.

  • and I highly recommend listening to that part of the show.

    “_that_ part of the show” eh? What about the other part of the show? Enquiring minds want to know. 😉

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