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Judges – Harper’s changes risk independence of court

If this continues, it might be an issue in the next election, whenever that might be:

Canada’s top judges have fired a powerful salvo at the Conservative government’s plan to reshape the judicial advisory panels that recommend candidates for the bench. As political debate in the Commons rages, the Canadian Judicial Council warned that the Conservatives’ changes to the “judicial advisory committees,” which recommend candidates for appointment to the bench, risk politicizing the judiciary. “Because the majority of voting members are now appointed by the minister (of justice), the advisory committees may neither be, nor seen to be, fully independent of the government,” the council said in a four-page statement yesterday.

That’s the entire point of Harper and the Conservatives doing this, of course. They want judges in that reflect their law and order agenda, so this is unlikely to sway them. It may resonate with the Canadian public however, if our Judges continue to hammer the government about this attempt to politicize the bench by the Tories.


6 comments to Judges – Harper’s changes risk independence of court

  • Scott,

    You’re right about the fireman, of course. But I’m sure if we go back and examine some past Liberal choices for judicial advisory panels, we might find a few bad apples.

    As well, I think it is questionable to say that past Liberal PMs haven’t stacked councils, or pushed them in their favour, or wanted to make sure that judges were in place that supported their policies. You’re kidding, right? The Liberals have spent decades stacking courts with like-minded judges. The Supreme Court is a classic example of this. Even the PCs did it, for goodness sakes.

    In my opinion, the only difference between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other PMs is that he is more honest about his motives. It’s easy for a politician to hide behind a smokescreen, and many do. It’s much harder to be honest and forthright.

  • dear mr sorenson:

    i know that you are a respected member of canada’s television media, and are thus not very concerned with proper spelling and grammar; but i do feel that your inability to spell and use grammar correctly seriously detracts from your intensely partisan and polemical point of view. now, this may seem like a minor criticism in the grand scheme, but having recently moved to canada’s very own Faux News (Global National), you will need all the credibility you can muster. as such, proper spelling and grammar will enhance the credibility of your point of view, especially when it is such an outlandish and strange perspective.

    sincerely yours,

    mr canuckistanian

    damn activist judges interpreting the law as they see fit, i mean really, who are they to judge?

  • The Liberals never stacked the councils with failed MP candidates who are firemen.. nor made sure the representatives were a majority in their favour, nor basically took the judges vote away, nor did they have a PM who blatantly stated for the record that he wanted judges that saw eye to eye with his policy.. basically taking away the judicial indpendence we have up here and turning it into a US style partisan-fest when judges are picked.

    Big difference.

  • I doubt this will be an issue in this next federal election. Sure, some people might question the way the Conservatives are handling things with the judiciary. But the Liberals have an awful record in that regard, especially when it comes to the Supreme Court. One cancels out the other, don’t you think?

  • I gues that it isn’t the case that the Prime Minister wants to BALANCE to obvious jusicial activism and Liberal-red bias of the courts, that is not reflective of the population? Not to mention their pro-criminal preferences?

    Just another view about Chief Loud Mouth, McLachlin, of the Supreme Court:

  • billg

    Ya thats a great idea….after telling the Canadian people that its the liberals fault we are years behind our Kyoto targets I’m sure the Cons would love to throw out the amount of ACTUAL judges that have been appointed by the Liberal governing party over the last 13 years. I’ve said it before, its going to be almost impossible to attack a party thats been in power 2 years compared to the 13 years of Liberal rule…rightly or wrongly…its just a fact of political life.

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