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I will mention the fella who made this video spelt strategies wrong.. but ignore that and concentrate on the message it’s trying to convey.

(H/T to Stop Harper)

Thoughts, comments? Is that what we should be seeing more of? Anything in the video you dont like or take issue with? Are his list of things Harper is supposed to have done all accurate?


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  • While I agree with pointing out the cuts Harper’s made, I believe an alternative approach lies in attacking his hypocrisy. Some of the programmes cited in this ad will not evoke great public outrage, despite their worthiness. Instead, attack Harper’s shifting. It makes people uncertain about who he really is, who he really would be with a majority. Set out his position on an issue prior to governing, his position now. Set them out, a, b, c, etc. Turn the “flip-flop” charge they’re levelling against Dion on its head. Your quotes on the environment and Harper’s politically opportunistic position on Kyoto and climate change are a great recent example. The income trust issue is huge.

    I also believe the pro-U.S. leanings of this government, on many issues is worth pursuing in a campaign. There are many foreign policy examples where they’re following the U.S.; the partisan judicial appointment philosophy he’s espousing; the secretive leanings in terms of their dealings with the media; Afghanistan’s morphing into a combat mission and the “cut and run” attacks on others’ patriotism.

    Those are my thoughts, sorry for not being more timely!

  • “…trying to find…”

    Hardly. It was the top news story all day long yesterday. You must have missed it.

    The video could also have ended with, “That all having been said, at least Harper has never sought the support of terrorists. Unlike some people…”

  • Hmm.. so in otherwards, , if I’m to judge your reaction of trying to find something that Harper has actually done recently that is humane, the message he conveys hits home, Aaron. Thanks for clarifying that part.

  • This is brilliant. What makes it brilliant is the ending. It’s excellent and leaves me feeling revolted with this government.

    I am definitely hoping for more of this.

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