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Around the blogosphere in case you missed it

A few things caught my eye and ear that you folks might have missed that I would direct your attention to:

First, another hilarious song created by Jimbobby over at his site. You might notice this recording is not electronically altered, so while I’m not about to hold a “Guess who JimBobby really is” contest, it’s be interesting to see if anyone recognizes his voice.. because I sure don’t.. and as he subtly suggested to me, I probably should. 😕

The second thing that caught my eye is over at JJ’s site. She’s finally sorta back to blogging after her Vietnam trip, and her first post back gives you a 23 second video clip of a bit of a glimpse into what traffic in Hanoi is like. If you think traffic is chaotic in Toronto or Montreal, go see her clip for a real sense of chaos – even though it almost looks strangely like organized chaos – and mostly without automobiles, as you’ll see.

Lastly, Mandos at Politblogo has been doing some live blogging at the Scooter Libbey trial today, covering the closing statements of the Prosecution and Defence. If you’re into that, that’s a good place to start. The link I’ve provided is Part 4.. so obviously he’s had earlier posts on it, but that will give you a start and you can always read his earlier works for what’s been going on today there – good stuff.


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