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Gee, here’s a shocker..

The US has growing concerns over the lumber deal we capitulated on… er… signed with them:

Offers by Canadian provincial governments to assist local lumber industries put the country at risk of violating a landmark agreement on lumber trade reached with the United States last fall after a decades-long feud, a U.S. trade official has said…Murmurs of discontent among U.S. officials bode poorly for a deal billed as a way to halt decades of lawsuits at the World Trade Organization, the U.S. Court of International Trade, North American Free Trade Agreement panels and elsewhere.

You can’t really blame the Americans – they got Harper and Emerson to surrender on this deal once, giving up concessions when none needed to be given up, so why not make more noise to see if they can bully Canada to tell its provinces to back off, and screw the lumber companies and workers even more then they already are. Why not try to see if they can force Harper into more concessions?

Pardon my scepticism in believing Harper will do any better this time around. He wouldn’t want his precious deal scuttled – sellout as it was – so I’m sure he’ll bend over backwards to ensure it doesn’t.


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