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Economist – Inaction on Environment is reckless. You listening Baird?

Strange, I almost swore that Sir Nicholas Stern was doing a description of some Conservative supporters and their attitudes over climate change when he did this speech:

Sir Nicolas Stern, a former World Bank economist, said some may think that humans are “fantastically adaptable” and will be able to deal with the issue when the time comes…”That, in my view, is reckless,” Stern said.

A former World Bank economist says this – not the Sierra Club, not Greenpeace.

Canadian businesses got told not to be short-sighted either:

He said Canadian businesses should know that cutting greenhouse gases will be expensive, but the price of doing nothing is much higher. “The costs of action, around one per cent or so of GDP, are much less than the cost of inaction. If we go on as business as usual for a century or so, we will start to move into territory which is incredibly risky.”

And what of John Baird? Will he meet this respected gentleman to hear his urgings on action? Nah:

While in Canada, Stern said he would talk to Environment Minister John Baird by phone.

I hope Stern makes his 2 minutes count.


3 comments to Economist – Inaction on Environment is reckless. You listening Baird?

  • Whooee! Jeremy’s on the money a hunnert percent’s worth. Two o’ the worst ones is CTV’s Craig Oliver an’ Robert Fife. Them two is always workin’ stuff like that inta their questions. They oughta be askin’ how many new green-collar jobs are gonna be created by Kyoto compliance.


  • Honestly, it isn’t Baird that needs to hear this message. It’s journalists who ask Dion how much of a hit the economy will take from meeting Kyoto targets.

  • Whooee! Stern come out with a bigass report a couplafew months ago. Sounds like this speech is a recap. The obstructionists an’ naysayers an’ swiftboaters got busy as soon as Stern’s report come out an’ they been doin’ their best t’ throw cold water on his numbers an’ t’ come up with other eggheads who say different. Baird’s got his choice of experts an’ he can choose one that sez do nuthin’, if he wants.

    T’ my way o’ thinkin’, we don’t win over the do-nuthin’ crowd with dire predictions. Not that the predictions ain’t probbly true but it’s jest that people heard dire predictions on stuff like global coolin’ an’ Y2K an’ they don’t give credence t’ sky-is-fallin’ types until it’s too late.

    What I figger’ll win over Harpoon, Baird an’ anybuddy with haff a brain is the emissions tradin’ marketplace. With emissions tradin’, it don’t matter whether the players believe in man-made climate change or not. There’s money to be made in carbon trading and the way it gets made is by emissions reduction.

    Kyoto’s already paid fer 500 GHG reduction projects via its market mechanism, CDM. Read all ’bout it here. Them 500 projects are gonna reduce GHG’s as much as what’s pumped out now from Canada, Spain, France an’ Switzerland combined. Kyoto works.


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