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Spend like there’s no tomorrow Conservatives

One thing about the Conservatives – they know how to be frugal and not spend our taxpayers’ money, right?

Uh… no.. not when it comes to this bunch:

The federal Conservative government is on a spending spree with taxpayers’ money, doling out $9.8 billion in the past three months…Nearly half of the three-month total – $4.5 billion – has been announced in the first three weeks of February alone.
The $9.8 billion total is a rounded number, as the total was growing almost hourly last week as new announcements were posted to federal websites.

As the Liberals say, when they did this, the Conservatives were all over them for spending any money pre-budget, but now, IOKIYAC (It’s Ok If You’re A Conservative):

“It seems there is no limit to the hypocrisy of this government, because when they were in opposition they would slam us at every opportunity for spending the budget at the end of the year, the `March madness,’ and now I think they’ve gone mad themselves,” says McCallum, MP for Markham-Unionville…”The difference is we never said it was wrong to do. They say it’s wrong to do and now they’re doing it.”

The Conservatives traditional supporters dont like it either:

John Williamson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, griping that the Conservatives have put on the backburner their commitments to paying down debt and broad-based tax relief. “When it comes to spending and making announcements, the `new’ government looks an awful lot like the old government,” Williamson says…program spending is growing at a rate of around 7.8 per cent, he says. “Politically, the government will find it difficult in the future to lampoon the opposition for its spending record. They’re virtually indistinguishable after one year in power.”

I dont see why thre should be surprise – Harper has obsessed over getting a majority government to allow him to fully implement his far right-wing conservative agenda, so why should it shock anyone that he’s spending money like a drunken sailor to try and convince Canadians how moderate he is?

As with everything else, the main theme for these Conservatives is the ends justify the means.


9 comments to Spend like there’s no tomorrow Conservatives

  • Scott,

    I’m not the one with partisan glasses on – look in the mirror.

    When the Libs did it they were spending unannounced new money. The Tories are, for the most part, just announcing (and re-announcing) existing spending at a politically convenient time.

    The point of your post is to compare apples to fighter jets – which is my point 😉 Sorry dude – you’re dead wrong, and spinning like mad to try to smear the CPC. Look at politics without being married to your party of choice…. it’s refreshing.

  • Do we know details about what they are spending this money on (aside from eco-trust)? I wonder if there’s any pennies left for the SWC or Court Challenges or the One Tonne Challenge or any of the other programs that were slashed-and-burned.

  • C’mon Andrew, you can take off your partisan glasses (whats left of them) and admit the Tories were all over the Liberals when they did pre-spending binges like this… and now they’re doing the same thing. Thats the point of the post.

    Do as I say, not as I do, eh Tories?

  • Nice selective quoting job, Scott. You missed the part where this (mostly) isn’t new money:

    “In most instances, the spending announcements amount to rolling out details at a local level of larger programs that were budgeted last spring.”

    And you also ignored the fact that while there is some new money, it is probably not so appalling:

    “But it was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s surprise $1.5 billion announcement in Quebec last week for a national EcoTrust program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants that really raised eyebrows. That $1.5 billion is new money, above and beyond the $2 billion the Conservatives’ 2006-07 budget projected for environmental spending.”

    Would you prefer the CPC not spend on the environment?

    (This is where, if I were writing like you, I’d be putting in something about how you’re supposed to be better than the partisan mouthpieces at Liblogs).

  • All that spending and they can’t see to spend $70 million on the homeless. But I guess the homeless aren’t really in need of the welfare like Encana and Sun Oil are….


  • Whoops.. :em26:

    sorry about that.. link added

  • Good post, Scott, although I’ve always wondered about the “drunken sailor” analogy. Drunken sailors are usually out of money.

    Do you have links for those quotes? I wouldn’t mind having a look.

  • I am shocked and surprised, I wonder how many Harper-bots will be posting critical reviews of Harpo’s drunken spending spree. I’m sure a few will, but not many.

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