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Canada’s best ally in the House of Representatives: Louise Slaughter

If you’re looking for evidence that the new Democratic-controlled Congress will be more sympathetic to Canadians, you had Senator Patrick Leahy laying a verbal whipping on US Atty-General Gonzales over the Maher Arar incident, and this piece should show you our other best friend in the House – Rep. Louise Slaughter of NY State.

New York Representative Louise Slaughter, who chairs the powerful House rules committee, said in an interview with The Canadian Press that plans to require passports at land borders are a prime example of bad anti-terrorism policy. “I don’t think they really appreciate the damage that they’re doing,” said Slaughter. “It’s disconcerting. They have no reason in the world to believe that Canada’s not as secure and they can’t do as good a job as we do.” Slaughter, whose district includes Buffalo and Niagara Falls, N.Y., introduced legislation last week that would force U.S officials to consider allowing Canadians and Americans to use high-technology driver’s licences in lieu of passports. She backs Canada’s position that U.S. officials must take all the extra time Congress gave them, until June 2009, to implement the passport plan or risk devastating trade and tourism.

Rep. Slaughter was also against the provision put in place by the then-Republican House to study the feasibility of building a fence across the northern border, similar to the Mexican border. You can be assured she will be looking for ways to kill that.

It’s no coincidence that both Leahy and Slaughter are from states that border Canada.. and its also no coincidence they both happen to be Democrats. Let’s hope both can continue to alleviate the bad policies that have taken place under Bush and the Republican Congress the past few years.


2 comments to Canada’s best ally in the House of Representatives: Louise Slaughter

  • Hmmmmm….

    Will Bigtime be writing stuff in the margins of this piece tomorrow and then calling up the Addled Ton One to declassify the fact that Ms. Slaughter’s husband once travelled from Buffalo to Toronto in 1992 to watch Rocket Ismail play for Argos and, allegedly, speak french in the stands……

  • Trade and especially tourism are already in the toilet with the passport requirement on all flights into the States.

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