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Tories spend 76K to figure out how to sell Afghanistan War better to Canadians

Let me say off of the top here that I did support Jean Chretien and the Liberals when they sent troops to Afghanistan, and I’m still wary of removing them now unconditionally without at least some assurances that the government there survives and the Taliban don’t return once we leave. That said, I find this story interesting, not so much for the fact that they were trying to gauge how to persuade Canadians to support the Afghanistan mission, but the fact that they were (and are) engaged in a practise that has already been criticized by the Auditor-General:

In November 2003, Auditor General Sheila Fraser called the previous Liberal government to account for buying polls – in contravention of government policy – that monitored party image, voting intentions and approval ratings of political leaders.

I’m sure when thats brought up that they will whine the Liberals did it too, or were worse..that seems to be the standard stock answer to critics on Conservative policy these days.

Oh, and no surprise either that the study found the government was seen as too closely aligned to American interests, or that it was recommended to find ways to make strong statements about Canadian sovereignty to quash that view.


2 comments to Tories spend 76K to figure out how to sell Afghanistan War better to Canadians

  • I enjoyed and agree with what you write JimBobby,and very amusing , too.
    When O’Connor says it is “retribution” for the terrorist attacks, he is talking just like Bush about, 9/11, and that has nothing to do with the Taliban. The terorists in 9/11 were Saudis

  • Whooee! I was one o’ the supporters o’ this here dust-up, too. Back when the invasion an’ overthrow o’ the cavemen Taliban an’ their AlQaeda buddyboys first started, there was hope that we could help create a shinin’ beacon o’ democracy an’ human rights in a part o’ the world where despotism an’ warlordism an’ religious fanaticism ruled the day.

    It deteriorated into a “shoulda, coulda, woulda” thing when the Merkans took their stoopid eyes offa the ball an’ fergot all ’bout Afstan an’ got their knickers in a twist ’bout Saddam an’ EyeRack. We got left holdin’ the bag an’ the bigass allied support went on t’ bigger an’ worser things.

    Canajuns still think of our military as peacekeepers. We revel in our past glory as UN blue helmets an’ honest brokers. We ain’t like that anymore, though. We got ’bout 2500 warriors whose current mission seems to be only to kill Talibans.

    We got only 50 blue helmets servin’ with the UN.

    The Afstan mission was sold t’ Canajuns as a humanitarian mission t’ free an oppressed population from the beheaders an’ terrist supporters. We mighta been able t’ do that if we’d kept on gettin’ the support from the Merkans. But we didn’t keep on gettin’ that support an’ now alls we can do is kill, kill, kill.

    Army bosses like O’Connor an’ Hillier ain’t keen on peace or peacekeepin’. They’re in the war bizness an’ all this namby-pamby UN negotiatin’ an’ weapons inspectin’ jest gets in the way o’ the army’s real job — killin’. They’re droolin’ over the new killin’ machines Canada’s New Gummint is buyin’.

    If more Canajuns knew that we got 2500 Bush-backin’ warriors an’ only 50 UN peacekeepers, they might see things different.

    The whole thing has turned inta a way t’ kiss George W’s ass but he don’t even notice or appreciate all the ass-kissin’ we been doin’.


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