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Support Status of Women video

Debra from April Reign and the Bread and Roses Forum has put together a Youtube video detailing all the cuts that has been done to Status Of Women Canada and the ideological changes to its mandate… and asking that we let Harper know that these are regressive policies. Check it out.


21 comments to Support Status of Women video

  • Holly Stick

    Tori, why did you not address any of those good points that April Reign made? Could it be because you are an idiot?

    Then there is Gwen Landolt, a REAL idiot testifying to the Standing Committtee on the Status of Women:

  • tori

    wow debra

    idiots, huh?

    Thank you sincerely for proving my point

  • I hope as many Conservatives keep underestimating Dion as you do, Erik. And, I’ll keep this little comment in my archive to remind you of it when Prime minister Dion is announcing to the House of Commons full reinstatement of all the programs cut by the conservatives, who no doubt will be seething on the other side of the House as they watch their neo-conservative/social conservative dream of turning us in to Republican Lite go down the drain.

  • Well, my comment was certainly tongue-in-cheek, but it seems to have had somewhat of a reaction. I guess this isn’t the time to state that my real position on SOW/SWC was to request a refund of all prior funding paid, since the whole thing has just been a self-vested employment scheme to employ Liberal supporters?

    And as for your dream, Scott, it’s just that. Dion is no more likely to form a government than he is to lead the Liberal Party beyond 12 months from today. No party’s members tolerate incompetence, zero understanding of Canada, and a healthy dose of stupidity and pig-headedness. Liberals are no different, and Dion is no exception.

  • I’ll just point out that after Ablonczy made her point that funds had been reallocated (not cut), Ruby Dhalla was next to respond. She didn’t jump all over Ablonczy, saying that she was lying, as one would expect if Ablonczy was, in fact, lying. Right? Ruby went on in a “yea, but” manner about childcare and literacy.

    No one here seems to know exactly what funding has or hasn’t been reinstated, and yet all feel well within their rights to declare that she’s wrong and she’s lost her credibility.


  • From the mouth of a 60+ year old white male:

    “I am absolutely disgusted that funding for SOW and other gender-biased initiatives of so-called “progressive” political parties haven’t been cut the whole 100% by the Tories.”

    Of course Erik, you poor baby, you are sooo hard done by. Those terrible women stepping out of place, upsetting your sensibilities and demanding -gasp- equality.

    BTW, where does REAL Women get their funding? From real women? Not on your life. From the Conservative Party? Now your getting warmer…

  • That would be SWC Erik… get the acronym right.

    I look forward to Dion announcing full-fledged re-funding of SWC Canada as well as renewing its original mandate when he becomes Prime Minister, as he has announced he would do if elected to that capacity.

  • :em71: I am absolutely disgusted that funding for SOW and other gender-biased initiatives of so-called “progressive” political parties haven’t been cut the whole 100% by the Tories. I must speak to my CPC MP about this. Surely they can do better, if only to put all these make-work projects into EI status, which is where they should be.

    If someone thinks they provide value, let them donate funds. So far the Code Blue and Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (Branch of the Liberal party) freaks have found out the hard way that no one is interested in supporting them, thus the renewed campaigns to line up again at the public trough. Tough luck! Join the real world. Good riddance!

  • slg

    Well, I wrote to Bev Oda expressing my “concern” about the cuts and her policies (Harper’s policies) about the Status of Women issue.

    Well, I got a generic response (I can’t believe I actually got a response from a Conservative MP – it’s not their usual practise) – the “exact” same rhetoric she spouts in Question Period.

    She claimed that the 12 offices being closed are a waste of money and most women couldn’t access them anyway. Huh? I guess they didn’t do their homework. I live in rural Ontario and not much here for women’s issues and a woman can either hop a train or get a ride and go into the City to get help and advice. The rural women NEED those offices.

    Diane Ablonzcy is an intelligent woman and unfortunately Harper has his MP’s under so much control they do EXACTLY what he wants or they’ll be ousted. Her talent is just so wasted and her respect is going down the drain – what a shame.

    The one thing that bothers me about her though is the fact that we was an “active” member of the Western Concepts group – a party that was trying to separate Man/Sask/Alta/B.C and the Territories from Canada and to promote “European and Christian” values – so I don’t trust her in the least.

  • I didn’t see points to address. I saw fallacy and misinformation.

    If you would like a discussion, I will require a much higher standard, lets start with reality.

    No one is forcing women into politics, this must come from the same handbook which tells you to make sure you give play to the stories of vans cruising neighbourhoods looking for pregnant women they can give abortions to.

    Could you point out where I state that either A) I am a Liberal or B) I support Dion’s motion? You’re not being able to do either I then wonder why you would expect me to speak to his motion.

    As far as your merit to run. You certainly obfuscate reality well enough to be part of the tories.

    Can you show me where SWC released any reports or informtion that said women should not have children, be stay at home moms, or enter hetro relationships?

    Does domestic violence not happen in hetro relationships? Is daycare not a requirement of women with children?

    Or are you just using REAL women talking points?

  • tori

    actually April, I do read it.

    I’ve read how many have called women who support the Conservative Party as “being lied to”, as being “mislead”, or just outright stupid.

    I’ve read how you all attacked Sara.

    As for the SOWC, it is an acronym. Just like the left like to use CRAP for the conservative reform alliance party. I guess I could omit the “O”, but it’s not like we refer to the house of commons as HC. It’s HOC.

    Interesting though that you did not speak to any of my points regarding women in politics or the fact that SOWC only support a segment of women.

  • A note to the literacy-challenged: we don’t usually capitalize prepositions. Status of Women Canada = SWC.

    If Olaf is reporting correctly, then Ablonczy is, ah, playing games with the truth. The funding cut happened; the mandate was redefined; advocacy and research have been disqualified. SWC is no longer empowered to work for women’s equality; the word was removed from the mandate.

    The ongoing struggle for women’s equality is a basic democratic struggle. It isn’t just a women’s issue; if you’re a democrat, you should be bothered to see that half the citizens of this country are facing systemic discrimination before they even start to think about what they want to do with their lives. Tori’s egotism is cute but irrelevant to anyone else’s life but her own.

  • If you really read the forum you would know that many of the women there have made the choice to have children and some have even made the choice to be stay at home moms for at least part of their childrens’ youth.

    You may skim the forum for points you can skew to misrepresent it and the people who post there, but you obviously do not READ it.

    And if you want to use SOW go whole hog and do it right. SOWC just looks stupid.

  • tori


    Has it occurred to you that maybe women dont WANT to be in politics?

    If a woman wants to run, all the power to her. But should we FORCE women who may not even have an interest into an arena just for the sake of “equality”?

    Or should we divert democracy like Dion suggests and prevent men from being a candidate in a riding and put a woman in there instead?

    Yes, I am a woman, who is interested in politics and actually thinking of running one day. I DO NOT want affirmative action helping me in this regard. I want it based on merit.

    April, Tomm has some good points. Why is SOWC only supporting certain women and not ALL women? SOCW does not speak for me. Neither does REAL. But one does not get equality by pushing a group of women down in order to get a segment of women up.

    If SOWC wants to advance equality for all women, they need to support ALL the choices women can make, not just the ones that advance SOWC’s agenda. In other words, if I want to stay at home to raise my children, SOWC should support that I can make that choice and not demonize it. And they do. I read the forums at breadnroses.

  • Geez Tomm I’m just a little woman. I can’t worry my pretty little head about things like that.

    I guess I’ll have to ask my husband and six kids if I support all types of families. Well just the boy children wouldn’t want to tax the minds of the girls.

  • Holly Stick

    Tomm, you idiot, count the number of male MPs, and then the number of female MPs. Now do the same for cabinet ministers. Does that look like equlaity to you?

    And Status of Women are working for women with families and women without families and all sorts of women, who get paid less than men for doing the same work because they are women.

    And since the Cosnervative Party now in power opposes women’s equality, you bet that women will be working against Harper and his merry band of sexists.

  • Tomm

    The video was very sad.

    Why would Siberry lend her voice to this? That makes me sad.

    What makes the Status of Women feel they are not equal? or that they need to be advocates? or that they are exempt from getting their budget cut?

    I am deeply affected by the arrogance of this “entitlement”. Is the Status of Women working on strengthening families? If the answer is yes, does that include the old fashioned one man, one woman, and a bunch of kids family? or just alternate families?

    Is the Status of Women advocating against certain Canadian parties? Apparently the answer is clearly that they are working against at least one party. If you are supported by the government, your role is to be politically neutral, otherwise you should be living off political contributions and not taxpayer contributions.

    I’m dissappointed with the rigidity and arrogance of the people defending the Status of Women. Show me that you are for all women and that you aren’t just advocating for feminist causes, and I might be more ready to support your programming.


  • knb

    Olaf, if there were ton’s of womens groups out there regaling what Harper has done, I’d take a step back. Fact is, it’s only REAL that supports him and they represent 2%. 2% getting his attention, not good.

    Diane Ablonczy used to be credible. Sad.

  • 12 of 16 offices closed sounds like a cut. Announcements were made that 40% of the budget was chopped (before they even announced the office closures), if they have reinstated that money that is a turnaround.

    Sounds more like spin to me and a confusing of monies in order to make shit sound like sand.

    Corporations and churches like the Salvation Army are now eligible for funding, excuse me for not holding my breath waiting for them to be champions for women’s rights.

    There is plenty of hype that the money is going to front line projects. Well I have three front line projects listed on my blog that have already died due to the cuts.

    Without the research and advocacy they have no idea about these or any other projects current or needed.They don’t know, what they do or who they help or why.

    This is legislation as written by the fundamentalist base that Harper’s government relies on. It is legislation as written by George Bush’s Republicans. It is not representative of the majority of Canadians who support women’s rights and support a system which ensures fairness.

  • Today on Mike Duffy Live, Diane Ablonczy said that no cuts had been made to women’s programs, but rather that funding was removed from the regional offices and given to organizations on the ground. Is she lying? Or is saying that money has been “cut”, as opposed to just reallocated to different women’s programs, a lie?

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