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Turn the other cheek

Its very nice that some people feel I need to be defended, and I appreciate the sentiment, but really, my advice is to ignore it. Why send unwarranted blog traffic and attention that way? That’s all that’s been posted for.


4 comments to Turn the other cheek

  • I ain’t any good as a hockey player but like the LefthandedPup sez, when sumbuddy plays dirty an’ attacks yer friend, they’re lookin’ fer a heapin’ helpin’ o’ JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitches.

    I posted up a reason why it matters over t’ my little boog but I’m gonna copy that reason here on accounta more people’ll see it an’ mebbe unnerstand why it’s important t’ discourage lyin’ accusations.

    There’s some hypothetical stuff here. Bear with an old fart.

    When a person is named on a website, Google indexes and caches that page, eventually. Other search engines do so, as well.

    When Scott goes looking for a new job (this is the hypothetical part), the prospective employer may in all likelihood Google his name. If he finds an accusation that Scott is the type of person who cheats his employer – as he will find – then, I would say that damages could be proven.

    If Scott’s current employer Googles Scott’s name and sees this false accusation, he may start treating Scott differently and he may pass Scott over for future promotions.

    Remember, the slanderous remarks were published online for the world to view. Just because we may not want to give the culprit any extra traffic and we boycott his site that does not mean Google will not index the page or that future or current employment prospects cannot be damaged.

    Liars and slanderers need to be called to account. I took it on myself t’ do that today an’ I’m happy that the lyin’ snake made some changes an’ retracted some of what he said. Unfortunately, he did not retract it all and left the disparaging accusations regarding cheating the boss intact in his own comment to his own post.

    Publishers have responsibilities and there are consequences when someone publishes false accusations. Unanswered accusations can be interpretted as an admission of guilt and the prospective employer who reads the lies does not have to explain to anyone why he chose another job applicant. Unanswered lies have power. Liars must be warned and forced to retract false accusations. That’s truth, justice an’ the Canajun way.

  • Well I am just an old fashioned farm boy who has played a lot of hockey. When some yahoo comes along and blindsidess one of my team mates – even if they do not want me to retaliate …. I can’t help myself, and I’m gonna pop them one and go sit in the penalty box. No ‘cheek turning’ in Canada’s national game.

  • Good to see… When people want to get personal, its best to ignore them. Why encourage that kind of behavior with a response that they’re not worthy of?

  • Whooee! ScottyFeller, I reckon yer able t’ defend yerself but I see from the number o’ people who are readin’ my boog an’ votin’ it up on PB, that you’ve got a lot of well-deserved friends in the Canajun boogeysphere. That’s a credit t’ yer balance an’ fairness an’ t’ the work you put in fer PB.

    Turnin’ the other cheek is sure enuff the Christian thing t’ do an’ yer gettin’ even more respect from me fer doin’ it.

    My biggest troublem with the numbnuts’s libellin’ is that it is libel an’ that when Canajun boogers get away with ad hominem falsehoods an’ libellous attacks, the entire credibility o’ the boogeysphere suffers. People who engage in that sort of destructive behaviour do not deserve readers and it does create a conundrum when we link to ’em, even if it’s jest t’ tell everybuddy what a lyin’ snake dumbass they are.

    BTW, some o’ the comments the slanderer deleted suggested that you could take legal action and sue his sorryass. That’d be ripe, sez I. If you sued the sumbitch fer everything he’s got, he’d be the one on welfare.

    Hold yer head high, Scotty, but brace yerself fer a slap on that other cheek yer trurnin’.

    Yer boogin’ buddy,

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