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Harper pulls a Cheney

More evidence that the Conservatives are big fans of US Republican fear-mongering and smear tactics:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper attacked Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion yesterday for supposedly being soft on terrorism as the minority Conservative government tried to burnish its own image as the champion of law and order. Mr. Dion “is not just soft on crime,” Mr. Harper said. “For the first time in history we have a leader of the opposition who is soft on terrorism.”
The Liberal Leader, Mr. Harper said, “is being led by extremist elements in his own caucus.”

We’ve seen this type of tactic from the Republican Party in the US (particularly VP Dick Cheney) where they would use terrorism and the fear of it as a political weapon to bash the Democrats over the head with it. Fortunately, the American electorate finally woke up to that and issued them a stinging rebuttal in last year’s elections. That hasn’t stopped Harper from trying it up here however.

Dion probably has it right when he said:

Mr. Dion replied that the Conservatives were raising false allegations to divert attention from their attempt to skew the process for selecting judges to favour right-wing ideologues…The Liberals have a great respect for Canadian police and an “equally great respect for the independence of judges,” Mr. Dion said.

I’m disgusted that Harper would stoop to the use of this tactic.. but I’m sadly not surprised. After all, Harper is the same guy who said former PM Paul Martin ‘Supports Child Pornography’ in the 2004 election.


18 comments to Harper pulls a Cheney

  • Nice to see Werner the Wjad Khan of the blogsphere is up to crossing back to his ol’ territory. As to ol WilsenL7, tell us again how Kenney and Day were ‘tricked’ into speaking at that suspect group’s rally again?
    Oh and what did they say about Arar back in 2003, you know, convicting him essentially of being a terrorist ala Bushism. As to the deficit, you shouldn’t tempt ol’ Jimmy O’figetty because we all know what a record he has with fudgits, er budgets.

  • Joseph

    Wilson, in all seriousness, I don’t know where the “fearmongering” comment came from. You really like that word, like a shiny penny caught your attention.

    All I’ve done is responded to your rants by asking direct questions regarding your comments.

    I do appreciate that you responded with your thoughts on two of the issues you went off about.

    And I expect the conservatives – being all about “open and honest” government are going to state their intentions clearly and directly on these issues for the next election. I mean, they wouldn’t hide their intentions, right? Because if a Harper majority is about limiting existing rights, he’d want to be upfront about that.

    We both know the answer to that question. And that is the credibility gap that makes me a bit fearful.

    What rights are you personally likely to lose in the next election? Answer honestly. Because I can bet you’ll go through your entire life without really ever having to worry about having rights taken away from you. But you’ll continue to your grave screeching about the unfairness of it all, you having to live in a world where other people having rights somehow mysteriously infringe upon yours.

    But you’ll never really know what its like, you’ll never really know. So, take your shiny new fearmongering word, put on a big pole. And then shove it.

  • wilson61

    Right, Josheph if you are going to ‘fearmonger’, back it up, otherwise you are bleating BS.

    OK, I’ll play your game.
    If the Cons had a majority (I am going on the leftie fearmongering and Cons answers to it)

    Abortion: currently Canada has NO law, unrestricted abortion. 1988 SCoC declared that the abortion law was in conflict with the Charter. Fearmongering has thwarted any attempt made to restrict late term abortion.
    Compare to Britain, which has the most liberal abortion laws in Europe.
    A termination can be obtained up to 24 weeks of pregnancy – double the limits in (12 weeks)France and Germany and six weeks later than in (18 weeks)Sweden or Norway.
    Canada has NO law.

    Cons likely : would restrict abortion after 20 weeks, councilling would be part of pre-abortion.

    SSM: would likely be civil union, same as Sweden and France, where SSM is illegal, but, they have Registered Partnerships/Civil Unions.

  • Joseph

    My Turn???? This isn’t a game.

    I would seriously like you to consider what you said and my response. Where would we be on the issues you listed if the conservatives had the votes?

  • wilson61

    Oh, I almost forgot! Wanna talk Tamil Tigers? You know, the terrorist organization, an huge voting block, that frequently ‘did lunch’ with Martin?

  • wilson61

    I remember Coderre rallying in the streets along side a pro-terrorist organization. After which, he was appointed Dion’s right hand man.
    Therefore, I do think Liberals are soft on terrorism,.

    Libs want Canada to have a more ‘nuanced’ approach to Hamas, an organization on Canada’s terrorist list. Therefore I do think Liberals are soft on terrorism.

    Your turn Joseph, back up your ‘fearmongering’.

  • Joseph

    Well, Wilson, actually that ad – while distasteful – never actully ran.

    Regarding your other statements, the votes would actually tend to point to “yes” on all the above. I mean, seriously, how would the votes turn out? Based on con votes alone in december, we’d be in the middle of a new debate on same sex marriage right about now.

    And we’ve all seen how much you respect an independent judiciary.

    So your point would be? Because it reads – and sounds – like an accurate statement.

  • wilson61

    ‘raising false allegations’

    Should we re-run the Lib ad: Soldiers in our Streets?
    Conservatives will take away your rights, attack Canadian values and sent Canada into deficit, abolish abortion and SSM, religious fanatics will take over parliament!!

    Libs can dish it out but can’t take it.

  • Is Werner Patels soft on littering in parks

    we don’t know…he just won’t say

  • One would think so, Joseph, because he used the exact same words I have been using for the last couple of days.

  • Joseph

    Get a brain, Werner!

    The discussion is about the tired ol’ south of the border rhetoric Harper grasps for instead of rationale.

    At the end of the day a (rational) concensus on what aspects of the law are needed and which are not. And then I’m sure you’ll be screaming flip-flop like you found a new toy.

    Hmm, come to think of it, do you write dialogue for Harper?

  • Get a life: Anne McLellan, John Manley, Irwin Cotler and Roy Cullen all agree with Harper that the provisions must be extended. So are these Liberals also Republican supporters?

  • knb

    I saw it Simon and my jaw dropped. This is a PM that seems to forget that he is PM of the entire country, including Liberals. Casting ridiculous aspersions is as Scott said, disgusting.

  • Joseph

    Actually Globe and Mail had an article on just that (the “hate the police” quote – it was posted last night then was pulled off their front pages.

    Here is the link:

    Utterly shameful . . .

    The comments that followed, with a small group since was late, are interesting as well. A good example to demonstrate the big lie of all this “tough on crime” spiel.

    Incidentally, Dion’s quote on all this today is actually right on the money. I think he gets what this is about, and I was impressed that he succinctly cut to the chase. Progressives would do well to stand in support with him rather than bickering about him as he gains his stride.

  • Actually it was even worse than that…I was watching Question Period and at one point…in some exchange…Harper said the Liberals “hate the police.” (loudly) I don’t know why there seems to be no mention of it in the news reports. And I’ll see if Hansard picked it up. But if anyone has a tape it’s there….

  • BillG, care to point out all those “extreme left-wing” statements or actions Dion has did of late?

    Now.. I’ll gladly concede Dion is on the left of the Liberal Party – its a reason I became a Liberal – but “extreme left wing”… like what… more “extreme” then Layton? Let’s see the statements or actions attributed to him that makes him so extreme Bill.

  • billg

    Oh relax Herb. There’s no room for extreme left wing either, and Mr Dion is working his way over there, however, Mr Harper was over the top on that remark, and, made a mistake with that comment. It wasnt a shining moment thats for sure.

  • There is no place for extreme right-wing ideology in Canada. I’m ashamed of Harper and embarrassed for the Conservatives. Frankly, I can’t understand political thinking that makes enemies of the people yet befriends incorporates.

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