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George Bush pulls a Harper

Maybe President Bush has been watching Harper back-track and flip-flop (ie reinstating old Liberal environmental programs etc), and decided maybe he should try the same thing. Bush has back-tracked to President Clinton’ framework agreement with North Korea – a deal that Bush immediately cancelled – but now has decided to revive:

George W. Bush desperately needed a foreign policy victory and yesterday’s deal, which could lead to a disarmed North Korea, appeared to hand him one…Democrats generally welcomed the pact but asked why the Bush White House, after years of bluster and brinkmanship, had returned to a framework for an agreement that mirrored a deal brokered during Bill Clinton’s administration…Robert Einhorn, a former State Department official who visited North Korea with then-secretary of state Madeleine Albright, said Americans should applaud the agreement, but added: “I think a number of people are going to ask the question, `Couldn’t this deal have been concluded three or four years ago before North Korea conducted its nuclear test and acquired enough additional plutonium to build anywhere from six to 10 nuclear weapons?'”

Now, I’m actually glad to see Bush doing something sensible for once (and any deal that the National Review and the Heritage Institute criticizes as a deal that “stinks” means the opposite – its a good deal). Its unfortunate as others say that this is akin to closing the barn door after the horse already has escaped, but perhaps if all goes well, the horse can be recaptured.


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