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A notable exception

There is at least 1 Blogging Tory out there that takes exception to the Conservatives stacking the court committees with political appointees, and that would be Olaf at the Prairie Wrangler here

Beyond that, however, its pretty quiet over there on this – as predicted.

Oh, and if you want to see the hypocrisy Harper is doing in using this, check out Jonathan’s blogpost (yea Jonathan, I called it a BLOGpost, even if you hate that term 😉 ) at his BLOG here.


6 comments to A notable exception

  • Prairie Wrangler actually seems like one of the more reasonable Tory bloggers. Most of the other ones are hard-core neo-cons who just insult you if you don’t agree with your views and push the most extreme right wing ideas. I suspect if all Canadians read the Blogging Tories, the Tories would be doing much worse in the polls. Consider the fact over half of those who voted Conservative wanted Kerry to win in 2004, while over 90% of Blogging Tories wanted Bush to win in 2004. On the Iraq War a vast majority of Blogging Tories still support it even though most voters including conservative ones oppose it.

  • colin

    On the other hand this is pretty cool eh Scott?

    When Irwin Cotler was Liberal minister of justice, the following became judges:

    Michael Brown, Cotler’s executive assistant and policy adviser.
    Yves de Montigny, Cotler’s chief of staff.
    Randall Echlin, legal counsel to the Ontario Liberal party.
    Rosalie Abella, named to the Supreme Court of Canada, wife of Cotler’s close friend Irving Abella.
    Marsha Erb, Alberta Liberal fundraiser and close friend of Alberta Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan.
    John J. Gill, co-chair of the 2004 Alberta federal Liberal campaign.
    Vital Ouellette, unsuccessful Liberal candidate in the 1997 and 2000 provincial elections.
    Bryan Mahoney, Liberal candidate twice defeated by Calgary Tory Myron Thompson.
    Edmond Blanchard, former Liberal minister of finance in New Brunswick.

    I would say that turnabout is fair play, and a little bit of balance is needed.

  • What are you arguing? That Harper should have appointed Liberals?

  • Who said I was arguing with them?

    I’m pointing out a notable exception amongst that group. I’m also referring to another site. I didnt realize I had to be so obvious here, Walks.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Scott, the BTs have you wasting your time arguing with them. The voters are in “real life land” reading newspapers, listening to radio and TV, surfing MSM news stories on the Internet. Meanwhile you are arguing where there are no votes to be won nor minds that will be turned with facts. Go to the voters and to where they go for information… be there.

  • […] Liberals are going insane over Harper’s most recent appointments. Meanwhile, commenter Colin reflects upon how nice (and profitable) it would have been to have struck up a friendship with Irwin Cotler: When Irwin Cotler was Liberal minister of justice, the following became judges: […]

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