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Al Gore smacks down John Baird and company.

Others already have this posted up at their sites, but it’s so amusing to read Baird (and by extension the Conservative government) get his comeuppance that I’m re-posting it here as well:

February 12, 2007
Statement from Former Vice President Al Gore

I understand that last week Canada¹s Minister of the Environment, Minister John Baird, mischaracterized comments I made last summer as praise for the Harper government’s actions on global warming. The comments I made were designed to encourage the Harper government not to abandon Canada’s tradition of fighting above its weight class on the world stage as part of the Kyoto process. It is my experience that other nations do look to Canada for moral leadership. Canada¹s position and actions on climate change matter a great deal. Nothing less than the future habitability of the planet is at stake. I urge the Harper government to do the right thing.


4 comments to Al Gore smacks down John Baird and company.

  • Wow, coming from the maker of an uncomfortable truth (i know that’s not the name, but i figure the adjective) that’s a pretty strong statement. While I like the government’s foreign policy, as you know, I wish they’d wise up and be more green. That said, it doesn’t seem to be a subject of contention that Canada can’t achieve it’s Kyoto targets, so perhaps slightly more realistic goals should be pursued. In turn, when these are realized, they’ll provide more appetite for positive change on the environment.

  • Baird getting the smackdown… such a sweet image :em50:

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Good post scott… good words Al Gore!

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