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The Bloggers Hotstove – Feb 11/06 Edition.

Another edition of the Bloggers Hotstove is posted for your listening pleasure here.

I got back late from a trip to London and so I was tired, and I think you’ll notice on the broadcast that when I’m tired, I get cranky.
I was ready to beg off on doing the show at all, so I Skype-chatted with Mike Park of Rational Reasons to see if he’d substitute in for me. He graciously did (and I think he did pretty well on 3 mins notice), but I ended up staying and participating anyhow, when Stephen Taylor who was supposed to be on did a no-show. So, a) my thanks to Mike for coming on (and again, my apologies for the short notice), and b) blame Stephen Taylor for dragging in Mike and forcing me to stay on the show to display my crankiness. 🙂

(I confess though that Greg Staples thought it was a pretty good show).


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