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The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti Kyoto quotes – Day 6

Yes, Day 6 is here for The 22 Days Of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes.

Here’s a beauty. This quotation in my mind proves to me that the “so-called Greenhouse Gases” statement he made in the Christmas interview was more then just a semantics of language he was using to describe the phenomenon. He truly is sceptical of it, and here’s the quote to show it:

“[Kyoto] is designed to address the so-called ‘greenhouse gas’ phenomenon, the hypothesis that the increase of certain gases – not necessarily pollutants – contribute to a long-term global warming trend.” (Stephen Harper, Address at the Ottawa Leader’s Dinner, November 20, 2002)

No semantics there.

Tune in for Day 7 Quotes tomorrow ! 🙂


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