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Its not easy being Green….

That’s Harper and Baird’s theme, and thanks to Pale, a contributor at The Next Agenda, for making this awesome theme song for them (as well as providing some data that shows the Tories for what they are, environmental hypocrites – which ties nicely into my earlier post about them)

If she had it somewhere at her site, I’d be linking to it there.. but this will suffice and my giving the site props will hopefully suffice (Go visit TNA – its in the blogroll and it’s a great progressive group blog). I’ve already mentioned to her I think she could slow down the scrolling text in some areas (which you can pause on here if you want to read it, but I’d recommend letting it run thru first and then re-playing to pause at the point where you want to read things you might have missed). She could also make the font a bit easier to read.. but otherwise… well done for her first Youtube attempt.


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