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Another poll shows Tory negative ads didnt work against Dion

This particular poll comes from Angus-Reid (and I’m sure some of the Blogging Tories will tell me why this polling company is biased against them as well), released Feb 9th:

The television spots released by the Conservative party to question the traits of Liberal leader Stéphane Dion had a negligible impact on the perceptions of Canadians…The survey allowed respondents to watch three advertisements in their computers through an embedded video link. Before viewing the ads, 40 per cent of respondents said Dion would make the best prime minister, while 36 per cent selected current head of government and Conservative leader Stephen Harper. After viewing the spots, the percentages remained almost identical, with Dion at 39 per cent and Harper at 36 per cent.


11 comments to Another poll shows Tory negative ads didnt work against Dion

  • tori

    take a look at the actual report- some things have not been included in the press release…

  • Tori,

    They get their email address because these people have already agreed during previous studies to participate in future studies. The studies are targetted to them because the company is looking to fill quotas for gender, age, income, education etc.

    Though it’s true that not everyone owns at computer or internet connection but they get enough people in each demographic to participate to compensate for that.

    As for the question, previous polls (SES and Decima) have revealed that the ads did nothing to sway the UD vote.

  • tori


    I still see problems with this.

    One, how are they getting the person’s email address? I know with Leger, one actually has to be forwarded the online poll (ie: a friend) in order to take part. Then you get on their list and get sent a ton of online surveys.

    Then there is the issue of having the required hardware/software/ISP in order to view the video- not all people will have a puter with the capability to view video properly. Or the bandwidth to view it without chopping up.

    Then you have not address the actual questions of the survey. While I get that they wanted to do a pre-post to see if the vid had any effect- you have to admit that no vid will have an effect of changing perception of those who have firmly and clearly stated their preferred leader. They needed to find the DK and UD to see if there was any real change. Also, they would have to find those undecideds and find ones who had not seen the vid at all and those who have seen the vid- and how many times. This way, they could gauge if viewing the vid a number of times had any cumulative effect, comapred to seeing it once or twice.

    To say that decideds did not sway after seeing the vid makes for a poorly crafted survey that says nothing.

  • Lizt, where does SES get the medal for being the most accurate? I know your answer, the election.

    Course, what no one seems to be seeing is that it wasn’t the _company_ that made for an accurate poll, it was the _methodology_. IOW’s, the three day rolling sample. No one uses that methodology outside of elections.


  • Tori,

    Perhaps I should fill you in a little on how these polls are conducted.

    The sample IS targeted. These people are sent the information based on their demographics (region, age, income, job, gender, etc.).

    The sample you mention is within the accepted margin of error. Just over 3% and over 900 people were represented.

    Online polls by the Reid group are not open to anyone and everyone nor are they just randomly sent out to 1000 email adresses.

  • When is this advertising scheme going to be abolished?

    This (still legal) kickback system of donating money (by PR firms and their cronies), and than paying it back to the very same PR firms, is a legal version of AdScam.

    So, the ads are “working” after all.

  • tori


    that poll sucks.

    So before they saw the video, the 40% who said SD would be the best PM viewed the vids and still said they would choose SD

    Well, no kidding.

    Same with SH. The ads were targetting DK or UD. Where are the stats on those groups?

    Also, if this poll was conducted online, there are flaws with representative samples, too.

    In other words, it means nothing

  • I question, if they are indeed not working, why the Tories are still running them.

    Are the ads working on a key demographic target that would not generally be reflected in national scale opinion polling – but important in tight races in key ridings?

    Are the Tories learning something from the response to the ads?

    I have to think they are getting something worthwhile from them.

    Otherwise, they’re just being stupid.

  • MississaugaPeter

    The Conservatives know what they are doing. And they have the money to do it. Ads like the aforementioned are commonplace in the U.S. They are seeds. And more seeds will be spread.

    No one ad will swing voters. Many ads over a long period of time (with no counterads) will.

  • Ah yes, but the best and most accurate is SES

  • … and Reid studies have shown Conservatives higher in the polls than Liberals in most studies this past year, compared to those done by Decima, SES and Leger.

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