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Cuts to GHG emissions must be everywhere, not just on Oil Companies.

The automotive industry in Ontario is crying gloom and doom over proposed tougher new fuel efficiency regulations announced by Harper that come in effect in 2011, and we have both labour and industry on the same page with ths message:

“It could have serious implications for our companies,” said Nantais, whose organization represents General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler. “We’re already fighting every day to get new jobs in Canada…Buzz Hargrove, head of the Canadian Auto Workers’ union, told the committee that too-tough efficiency standards could result in plant closures.

However, the environmental groups took a slightly different viewpoint:

Ken Ogilvie of Pollution Probe, an environmental organization, said there is “no doubt” that the technology exists to bring in new fuel efficiency standards that could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He said that the high level of support for action on the environment suggests the public is ready to do its part. Ogilvie urged the committee to press the government for a “world-class efficiency standard” in Canada that can be designed within the next 18 months and come into effect in 2011.

I agree. If you’re going to make a serious effort to cut GHG emissions.. you need more then just regulations on Oil companies, you can’t just target them. I’d venture a guess that after the Oil Patch, automobiles are probably right up there as a top contributor for Greenhouse Gases, and there are a lot of them out there on the road. Its imperative that tough standards for emissions be enforced on them – as well as manufacturing and industry across the board – no matter where they are in Canada.


6 comments to Cuts to GHG emissions must be everywhere, not just on Oil Companies.

  • It’s not like the “threat” of tougher emissions standards hasn’t been hovering over plants for more than a decade now (unless they discounted the threat because they knew they could get the NDP/Liberals/Conservatives to cave on Kyoto). There are plenty of engines that could go into all personal vehicles, where the improved mileage would essentially double Canada’s oil supply’s usefulness.

    Changing to new technologies won’t close plants, it will create employment for the auto industry and construction industry to revamp the plants they have.

  • billg

    Yep. My point is, Dion has to tie GHG emissions in with pollution and a time frame workable for Canadians and manufacturers.

  • mecheng

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about Kyoto and CO2 emissions. I’m not convinced by the histrionics on either side of the argument.

    That said, reducing any kind of emissions generated by power generation or industrial processes is a complete no-brainer. Not spewing CO2, SO2, CO, methane, hot water, or toxic sludge into the environment makes good sense. Trying to calculate how much impact a cows fart’s have on the environment is stupid.

    Slowly bringing in mandatory, reasonable emission reduction targets, to permit technology improvements to take place over time without destroying the economy makes sense.

    Short term, hard caps, on ANY particular sector of the economy is just plain stupid.

    I also don’t think that government should be paying directly for the technology improvements, with a few exceptions. I would support the government getting on board with investing in the fusion reactor technology. I think that this could solve many of our problems.

  • billg

    And who pays for the “new” technology?? And when the public fully understands what “doing their part” costs they wont be in favour for too long. Going to be a neat election when one party’s platform is, “were not sure how much this is going to cost in job-loss or in total expenditures but were for Koyoto”. And the “help save the planet” lingo wont work when more and more Canadians are realizing that at our very best we could only reduce the worlds GHG emissions by 0.005%. We can huff and puff all we want, but, we do not conrol our destiny.

  • mecheng

    Actually, I think that power generation ranks ahead of both oil/gas production and automotive industry.

    More nuclear power is the obvious answer to make major reductions.

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