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A new series: 22 days of Harper anti-environment/anti-Kyoto quotes – Day 1.

This isn’t quite like the 12 days of Christmas list, but close enough. Fellow Lib/Prog Blogger Jeff at A BC’er In Toronto was kind enough to pass along this press release from the BC Wing Of The Liberal Party, which among other things had all these remarkable anti-Kyoto/Anti-Environment quotes from your Prime Minister – 22 of them in fact.

So, it is with great pleasure I am starting a new series tonight in honour of the Conservatives voting against supporting Canada’s commitments to the Kyoto Accord:

The 22 Days of Harper Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes!

We’ll start from earliest attributed quotes to latest, and we’ll go 1 quote a day for the next 22 days.. so let’s get started!!

Day 1: A nice little chit-chat with the Toronto Star: “[Global warming is] a scientific hypothesis and a controversial
one.” (Stephen Harper, Toronto Star, September 5, 2002)

BANG! Controversial to Exxon and the rest of your Corporate Big Oil friends, + The Fraser Institute, but not to the rest of the world who aren’t members of the Flat Earth Society. (Stevie now says he accepts Global Warming, so I will give him a slight break, but still, its fun to read all of these Stevie’s Greatest Hits…. er.. Quotes… on the Environment and/or Kyoto).

Join me tomorrow for Day 2’s Quote! Its going to be fun fun fun! 🙂


3 comments to A new series: 22 days of Harper anti-environment/anti-Kyoto quotes – Day 1.

  • I think 10 years ago the idea of global warming was controversial and the science wasn’t unanimous. But a lot has changed since then. 2002 is essentially at the very tail end of going from skepticism to certainty so unless Stephen Harper was amongst the very last converts (highly unlikely in my view) he is probably amongst those who will never buy the issue no matter how strong the evidence is.

  • Manuel

    Kyoto doesn’t = environment…..but beyond that it’s all fair game.

  • Scott,

    Why 22 days? :em36:

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