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Breaking News: Garth Turner to join Liberals?

That’s what CTV news is saying right now:

“I’m being told that Garth Turner, who was kicked out of the Conservative caucus, and has been sitting as an Independent, is expected to join the Liberal caucus this afternoon,” CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported on Newsnet. “I understand negotiations are ongoing now and Liberal party insiders say that they expect that Mr. Turner and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion will make that announcement this afternoon.”


3 comments to Breaking News: Garth Turner to join Liberals?

  • Amanda Van der Steen

    This is embarrassing.
    We’re gladly taking in the CPC trash and detritus and polishing up this turd and calling it a diamond in the liblogs.
    From everything I’ve read and heard about Turner, the cons far, far away the pros of having him in the party. I hope Stefan has some sober second thought about this.

  • Very good Reepo.

    So I guess this is a trade of sorts – Wajid Khan for Garth Turner, and a government to be named later 😉

  • As reported here first…

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