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Liberals ratchet up the environmental pressure a bit more on Harper.

This is a bit of a follow-up to my prior post. A few Blogging Tories have ridiculed this Kyoto motion passed tonight (now yesterday) because it was a non-binding motion. Apparently however, it appears that the Liberals and Dion are pressing the issue:

The fact that the NDP and Bloc Quebecois supported the Liberal motion could spell trouble for the government down the road. That’s because the Liberals have introduced a bill with similar wording that would be binding if passed.

The article also details why the Conservatives have possibly put themselves into a bind by voting against this Kyoto motion:

Also, the unanimity of the opposition parties on the Kyoto targets could make it very difficult for the government to salvage its centrepiece environmental legislation, the Clean Air Act. “My hope is that what we’ll be able to achieve at the end of the day is a recognition that these Kyoto obligations are ones that we have to honour,” said Layton. The Clean Air Act contains no reference to Kyoto, and it would be difficult for the Tories to accept the Kyoto targets now, having ridiculed them so often.

This is why I snorted earlier yesterday when I saw all the Blogging Tories posting confident predictions that they had the election won because of an obvious sympathetic Tory columnist making 1 disparaging remark and a hostile editorial board coming out against Dion. The lack of respect for Dion’s political skills and the way they take Dion so lightly is quite remarkable. If their party brass think the same way, it will come back to bite them (not that I hope they dont think the same way or that they also underestimate Dion). I will be VERY interested to see when the binding vote on Kyoto is called for to vote on, and whether Harper will have the guts to call it a non-confidence motion or not. After all, if he hates Kyoto so much, he should stop this farce of dancing around it and come out and say as much and try to campaign against it in an election.


5 comments to Liberals ratchet up the environmental pressure a bit more on Harper.

  • lrC

    I hope the bill is passed with the enthusiastic consent of the opposition parties and over the clear objections of the CPC. There must be no questions about who the chickens belong to when they come home to roost.

  • Just for everyone’s information, Last year’s wasn’t binding either – the upcoming one will be.

  • we passed a private member’s bill on Kyoto already before last year.

    Dion might not remember…cuz he wasnt there either…

  • billg

    Why are the Liberals focusing on the one issue it failed on?? No one can say what the outcome of the next election will be, but, I believe that this is a giant mistake for the Liberals. Why Koyoto?? It has so many flaws and so many inconsistancy’s. We cant meet it, we wont meet it, and, Dion and Iggy et all have all said so. It now has the West worried about an NEPll! I just dont get it, because it makes no sense. You cannot win an election on an issue you failed at!!! Child Care, Health Care, Waiting Times, Fiscal Imbalance, go at those, but, the headline of your post is the word “ratchet”, but, how can you “ratchet up” when the Cons have more amunition to ratchet right back at ya. 60% of voters would rather vote Liberals than Conservative, its just the way it is, I dont understand why your party is giving them reasons NOT to vote LIb.

  • […] Remember I said last week that the Liberals and Dion were doing a smart bit of strategy in putting forth an additional bill to the (non-binding) motion already passed? This bill, called the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act (Bill-C288), would be legally binding on the Conservatives to meet if it is passed by the House. […]

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