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The CPC confirms they are anti-environment.

The House voted tonight in favour of Dion’s motion asking the government to support the Kyoto Accord, but as predicted, the Tories show their true colours on the environment:

Members of Parliament voted Monday in favour of a motion from Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion that reaffirms Canada’s support for the Kyoto Protocol. Members of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government followed party orders and voted unanimously against it, but 161 MPs voted in favour and 115 against the motion.

On CPAC tonight, it was revealed Harper didnt attend the voting. It apparently was beneath him to show up and get out-voted on… though he obviously left instructions to his whips to make sure the loyal troops all voted the Conservative way.


17 comments to The CPC confirms they are anti-environment.

  • lrC

    >Sorry Kursk, but Ezra Levant and the Friends of Exxon (otherwise known as the Fraser Institute) and their fanatical followers aren’t credible people

    Scott is bang-on here. The person with credibility is Dion – what he says about the achievability of Kyoto is where the buck stops.

  • Dionosaur

    Stating that the Kyoto protocol someone equates to the environment is the hight of hyperole. Kyoto does not even lay out a PLAN to reduce greenhouse gases. The environment is so much more than greenhouse gases (water, smog, deforestation, strip mining, groundwater pollution, urbanization) that equating Kyoto and environment makes a inappropriate joke of environmentalism.

  • ALW

    Good God, and you think Blogging Tories are drinking kool-aid, Scott?

    First of all “Kyoto” does not equal “environment”. You probably know this, but it’s in your interest to try and equate the two anyways, so you’ll enagage this is disingenous sleight-of-hand.

    Second, admitting we can’t meet the 2012 targets is not being “anti-Kyoto”. If you grab a runner’s legs at the starting blocks while everyone else runs ahead, and then let go of the guy’s legs after the rest of the field has lapped him a couple times, and he turns to you and says “I can’t win this race!”, it doesn’t mean he’s “given up”. It means he’s making a realistic assessment of his starting position. Hey, and guess who was holding the runner’s legs? Oh right – the Liberal Party.

    I am not sure why it is that the same people who correctly observe that climate change is a consequence of half a century of human activity also insist that the solution must come within a couple of years. Long term problems require long term (not to mention global) solutions. But the Liberals are too busy politicking about the issue to give any credit where it’s due. But what else would we expect from a party more concerned about being Seen To Do Something about the environment, rather than actually doing it?

  • wilson61

    So when the Cons are the only party that wants to give industry reasonable targets on a reasonable timeline, (not Kyoto) will Buzz give Harper a jacket and a hug?

    The environmentalists would condemn any party that wanted to exempt any industry from reducing emissions.
    Dion can not exempt the auto industry, this time.

    So bring it on, Buzz will let us all know how many Ontario jobs will be lost over the beloved Kyoto.
    But who is going to tell the Atlantic Premiers that the planned expansion from the Alberta oilsands to the Atlantic provinces is now killed by Kyoto?

  • For the record, they’re all grandstanding, in their own special way.

  • Manuel

    Well we might as well bend over and let China and India have their way with us now… us the trouble later I suppose…yes Climate change is an issue, that can’t be denied at this point since it was bound to happen sooner or later with our help or not, and yes we should take any step we can to make a difference but Kyoto doesn’t make a difference it lets us pay “developing Nations” to become huge emitters of all those things kyoto is supposed to be stopping just so we can feel smug and superior for awhile because we’re helping oh so much in the grand scheme of things.

  • As you know Scott, I agree on Harper’s lack of principle and lack of guts. He should stand up and say Kyoto is rubbish and we withdraw. Then he’d need to hit the road and go chapter and verse on why it is a terrible treaty and will not cut worldwide emissions one bit.

    The entire farce began the day China and India were given developing nations status despite the phenomenal and dirty growth of their economies.

    As for tarriffs, why wait? I try to buy as little as possible from China for political rather than environmental reasons. You can vote with your shopping cart.

  • L. emersonia

    You’d think a man of conviction would show up to vote…

    Emerson showed up, Fortier did not
    Thanks for the link Tim, it requires more study to see who’s on first or watt’s on second.
    If Kyoto is a dud, or not even a jumping-off point for the so-called New Government (TM), then what is? How did the Conservatives let 13 (or 10) (or merely 1) long years go by and accomplish nothing?
    Well the answer may be found in the fact that the minimally elected and the unelected don’t show up to vote, even for what they so-called believe in.
    Kudos to Emerson for showing up; hope he was voting his true beliefs and was not whipped. Unduly.

  • [quote comment=”1371″]It is worth remembering in all this that the Liberals had several years in which to implement Kyoto and, instead, presided over a 35% increase in emissions. And that M. Dion, while he did get a dog out of the deal, was the Minister of the Environment for part of this period.[/quote]

    Um Jay.. he was there for a year… hardly enough time to be painting him with the admitted problems. You didnt note he helped implement environmental and recycling programs that would have helped cut down emissions – you know, the same ones the Tories cancelled and hastily resurrected in weaker form (in what I call the “Baird minimum) when they got called out on it?

    As well.. yes yes, the Liberals could have done much better. That doesn’t give the Tories carte blanche to say “see, they were worse then us” and the excuse not to do ANYTHING on the file, which they obviously don’t want to do – I believe they share the same views as their friends at the Fraser Institute and Exxon and the rest of corporate Big Oil do on “so-called” GHG and global warming and so on, and they all think its a “socialist scheme” designed to rob the rich countries..

    The fact that China or India didnt sign on also is another poor excuse not to do or try to do anything – 140 countries DID sign… and we need to do our part and not throw our hands up in the air because 3 or 4 countries didnt. Those countries can be persuaded – or compelled – later.. The rest of us need to do our part now. (I”m actually in agreement with France on imposing Greenhouse tariffs or carbon taxes on countries that refuse to sign on to Kyoto)

    And Jay, if Harper is so against this Kyoto deal and its so wrong as you say. as I said to Olaf in another thread.. he should just over the charade and formally withdraw us from the Accord.. to join the few (but big) polluter nations. Put his money where his mouth (or beliefs) is.

    He’ll get slaughtered at the polls.. but if he’s such a man of conviction, by right and if he wanted to be true to himself, thats what he should be doing.

  • Tim

    click and scroll down about 3/4 of the way down to see how everyone voted.

  • It is worth remembering in all this that the Liberals had several years in which to implement Kyoto and, instead, presided over a 35% increase in emissions. And that M. Dion, while he did get a dog out of the deal, was the Minister of the Environment for part of this period.

    And it is also worth remembering that the total emission reductions from Kyoto compliance (yeah, right) on the part of the Western industrialized nations would be completely overwhelmed by China’s one coal fired power plant every ten days strategy of industrial expansion. 2200 by the year 2030. if climate change is real, Kyoto is worse than a joke.

    Kyoto is the wrong answer and even M. Dion knows it. Not that this will stop him from a good solid pander on the issue in the fond hope Canadians are dumb enough to forget the Liberal record of complete inaction.

  • Idealistic Pragmatist asked:
    [quote comment=”1364″]Do you happen to know where to find the list of how each MP voted (or for that matter, failed to show up)? I’m curious about the numbers.[/quote]

    I would guess the House of Commons website would possibly have a recorded vote.. or perhaps Hansard.

    If the vote was 161 – 115, I would also guess that to mean at least 10 Tory MP’s (including Harper) failed to show up, since all 3 Opposition Parties voted for the motion.

  • IP,

    Me too. It would appear some Conservatives forgot where that building was where they go to do that voting thing… or they just abstained. Likely the later.

    Kursk: Grandstanding? No, I think that would mean he’d be taking out money for a slot on the SuperBowl to broadcast a Powerpoint presentation errrrr advertisement about Stephane Dion.

  • Do you happen to know where to find the list of how each MP voted (or for that matter, failed to show up)? I’m curious about the numbers.

  • knb

    Kursk, LOL, it would be Harper who is grandstanding…taking the tough stance, the wrong stance.

    I didn’t know before now Scott, that Harper didn’t appear. Hmmm, I hear an announcement coming. You?

    Oh and Kursk…all this NEC stuff is so old. Trying to revive the dead only works with the gullible? Are the Conservatives in Alberta gullible, obviously.

    Every credible Lib you will read, wish that we’d taken more action sooner. Dion, was not in a position to do so until appointed Enviro Minister. Then, he did, then you guy’s cancelled, (and are now reinstating), programs that started the process.

    Again people, Kyoto is just not about targets. Read it!

    Harper thinks in these small terms too and does not want to sign on as PM as being bound by targets. Do you know what the penalties are for not meeting them? Do you know what that will cost us?

    Actually, I want to read Hansard, because I think Harper mispoke and suggested that Dion will be in power in the future. I might be wrong.

  • Oh brother.. another anti-Kyoto person claiming the only way we’re going to meet our targets is by throwing thousands of people out of work.

    Sorry Kursk, but Ezra Levant and the Friends of Exxon (otherwise known as the Fraser Institute) and their fanatical followers aren’t credible people, as those are the only people who believe that nonsense about having to throw people out on the street to meet our commitments (oh, and of course John Baird and Stephen Harper).

    As I have said (and others have said in the media) just because we’re behind on our targets now isn’t a reason to throw our hands up in the air and to do nothing. Its time we committed to doing something to try and get as close as we can for 2012 and commit to making deeper cuts down the road to ensure we are driving emissions down.

  • kursk

    What it does show Scott, is that Dion is not above a bit of grandstanding on an issue that has the same scent of ‘Steven Harper, do you love your country?’

    ‘Steven Harper, if you don’t vote for this motion in the house, you are anti-environment’..a stunt and nothing but.

    Scott..please explain.. as Dion is so hell bent on Kyoto, (and he admitted previously that the emission targets could not be met..) how that would all change and be rectified if he was elected PM, without alienating the west with NEC 2, or a drastic program that could throw thousands out of work?

    I think it high time Mr. Dion came clean on what he really has in mind, and what the cost will be..Mr. Dion (to coin a phrase..) were you misleading the people then , or are you misleading the people now?

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