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Whats up with Mexico these days?

More Canadians get caught up in violence down there – this time in Acapaulco.

If people want to go holidaying in the winter, I’d be thinking twice of going anywhere in Mexico these days.

Maybe its time to revive the idea to make the Turks and Caicos Islands part of Canada.  Nova Scotia’s legislature has already voted unanimously to invite the island chain to join it as part of the province, so we wouldn’t have to go through a  messy constitutional opening.


1 comment to Whats up with Mexico these days?

  • 1. Jetting off to hot places for a week of gluttony is an unsustainable practice that peak oil will make very restrictive and less affordable in the very near future.

    2. The highest point of the Islands is 49M above sea level, the lowest naturally 0M
    What % of land mass will be lost if ocean levels go up 1, 5, 10 metres?
    What are the liabilities of taking on property in a huricane zone?

    3.Before we take offer to take them in ,perhaps we should look at the expense of protecting them and patroling their waters.

    Population integration at least would be easy as there are less of them than we let sneak in and stay each year.

    It’s a big issue with a lot of onesided little answers being given.

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