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An update to my Smart Women Blogger’s Posting

Well, it appears Warren’s posting bemoaning the lack of “smart women bloggers” drew quite a reaction. I can’t link to his posting because of his continued refusal to add permalinks to his posts, but its in his first Jan 30/06 entry here.

I do want to clarify one thing however: He linked back to my posting I did on the topic yesterday, and mentioned I estimated only “17% of the relevant blogs are overseen by females”. I want to make clear I wasn’t estimating for the whole blogosphere – I was only giving a count as to how many Progressive Blogger affiliates that we have are run by women out of the total (though I thank Warren for calling us “relevant” 😉 ).

Now, I could be off a couple here or there, because some of our blogs are run by anonymous owners, and even us moderators at the Prog site dont always know who they are, but my tally is pretty accurate – for our affiliates anyhow. What the rest of the blogosphere stacks up like, I haven’t a clue.


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