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Smart women bloggers

Warren Kinsella wrote up his personal Top 10 Bloggers List and in it complained or bemoaned the fact that there arent more ‘smart women bloggers’ out there (only 1 made his list). Well, I’ve got 4 pretty smart women bloggers on my sidebar IMHO, a 5th if you count that Skdadl is one of the group bloggers at Pogge, and for that matter Bionic is the female half of the duo who blogs over at The Next Agenda, so technically that’s 6 blogs on my sidebar with pretty “smart women bloggers”. (I’d count Denise Brundson over at Fuddle-Duddle as a 7th, but she hasn’t been blogging much at all lately, so I’ll wait till she gets back into it). I can list a lot of others too that are “smart”. (I compiled a list of my own actually, and sent it off to Warren). Others are also listing off female bloggers they respect/read and view as being “smart”.

The blogosphere is still a male-dominated thing (for example, only 55 57 blogs out of 326 Prog Blog affiliates are women bloggers – roughly 17%), but that’s slowly changing, and quite honestly, the ones that are out there all write pretty darn well. You just have to take the time to look for them.


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  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the kudos calling me a smart woman blogger. I appreciate it.
    But you should know that Thursday Next my copublisher is also another smart woman blogger and a ferociously smart one at that.

    Our other front pager Pale, is also a smart woman blogger. We have bloggers of both genders and the active ones seem to split 50/50.

  • Meg: What I should have said that would have prevented this mountain out of a molehill controversy that is suddenly raging is I should have said “political blog-o-sphere” rather then just plain “blog-o-spshere”.

    I’m not going to go back to doing any editing of it.. I said what I said.. but political blog-o-sphere is what I meant.

    Lost in all this tempest in a teapot was that I was telling Warren there were plenty of “smart” women bloggers out there. (and I am sure he meant “political woman bloggers” as well when he phrased what he said).

    That’s what the objective of that post was… yet I quote from Prog Blog the figures that we have… and suddenly I’ve been declared as being in the same boat as Warren as someone who doesnt believe there are a lot of women bloggers out there – smart or otherwise. :em49:

  • Meg

    You guys are very, very sheltered. That’s the only conclusion I can come to. There are THOUSANDS of women blogging in Canada, many of whom were nominated (and won) in the recent CBAs. They might not be political bloggers, but they’re still smart as hell.

    The blogosphere isn’t REMOTELY male-dominated. In fact, many of the blogs that got people excited about blogging in general are/were written by female authors. Go to an SXSW or a BlogHer conference and try denying their presence.

    Perhaps you need to reframe your statements somehow. Maybe just say, “Only 17% of the blogs I read are by women.” Then you’d have the truth. And that’s your issue, not ours.

    We’re out there, you’re just not reading us.

  • Heh, my pretty head thinks it’s pretty smart, and it KNOWS I’m a woman…

    Also, a pretty smart woman: Feminist Toronto

  • Let’s see, I’m smart, a woman and a blogger.. guess I qualify. OH, did I say I was really humble and shy as well.

  • Can someone translate that for me? Thanks. (I am SO not hip).

  • Nobody in particular

    All these men trying to judge women will get their asses handed to them in a flowery basket if they dared playing their schtick at
    Forget the flowery baskets. It’s wild out there for a colonial religio attitude, let alone hard out there for a pimp. They’d just get their asses handed to them, or perhaps their heads.
    Warning, Harper supporters should just look away. Not all hangees are brave enough to refuse the hood.

  • Good stuff, Scott. Thank you.

  • If you say so.. I didn’t really know if 17% is a good number or not. I honestly thought it might be higher then that.

    (thanks for the smooch by the way)   :em15:

  • Also? 17% is pretty damn good, really.

  • *smooch*!

    I’ve noticed that about Kinsella, though–he really doesn’t bother to read the women. And even if he really does want to limit himself to partisan Liberals, there are plenty of ’em to choose from.

  • If you are looking for more, try checking out . You’ll find list of over 7100 female bloggers, many of whom are Canadian. They just don’t necessarily list with the blogrolls you guys do.

    But we still exist.

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