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Is there a death cake at a death party?

Fidel Castro is one of the last remnants of the Cold War, and one you wont find me defending (though obviously I defend our country’s past and present decision to trade with Cuba).

That being said, when I read today that Miami (the city of Miami, not just its Cuban community) is planning a “death party” when Castro dies..

I dont know.. call me old-fashioned.. but I find that to be so.. 17th century.


1 comment to Is there a death cake at a death party?

  • knb

    Not unlike some other ideas from (some)of our friends to the south, like um, the death penalty, imposing western democracy by force…

    The mentality that you describe is hypocritical to me. A person is reviled and condemned, because he/she is callous and has no regard for life, then they exhibit the same sentiment and justify it.

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