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The Jan 28/06 Bloggers HotStove

I participated on this version of the Bloggers Hotstove with James Bow, Mike Park (Rational Reasons) and Greg Staples.. so it was a very left-oriented panel, with Greg gamely trying to present the Tory point of view even though he was outnumbered. There were a lot of topics discussed, and it got heated at times. If you don’t get bored with Greg’s attempted joke parody at the start, I think it was a pretty interesting show ;). The link to go retrieve the Mp3 file for streaming or downloading is here.

Topics of discussion – Colin Mayes praising the “Indian joke” he got as being “a good joke”, the Maher Arar settlement and the politics behind it, the Conservative attack ads against Dion, Dion’s gaffe on re-admitting banned sponsorship Liberals back in, the Jack Layton proposal on ATM fees.. and some sorta obsession with BattleStar Galactica. Oh, and I think some people took shots at Cherniak, just because it’s fun to do 🙂

UPDATE: Some people can’t hear Mike or James very clearly on Quicktime. I’d recommend listening to it on RealAudio.. you have greater ability to turn up the audio to hear everyone clearly.

UPDATE 2: For some reason, Realaudio cuts off 5 mins of the show at the end. But what you can do is start the podcast in RA, turn up its volume to a suitable level, then close RA and restart the stream in Quicktime, and it will retain the higher volume so you can hear everyone AND play the whole Mp3 file. Get all that? 🙂


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