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Harper: Hey Jason (Kenney).. you got extra time on your hands… wanna help us slag Dion?

Just my little take on the whole “Conservatives unveil attack ads on Dion” discussion that has been raging around the blogosphere today, and which we discussed on tonights recording of the Bloggers Hotstove (the links to it will be posted Monday AM).

I’ll say what I said to Greg and the others: Its good to see that Harper and the Tories have such a handle on the Multiculturalism Ministry that they can pull Jason Kenny away from it so he can take the lead in taking up attack ads on Dion. 🙁 I didnt realize that was part of the job duties needed to do Multiculturalism, but as Dan Arnold of CalgaryGrit told me, “that’s part of the Canadian culture aspect of his job”.

You’d almost think they were treating that department with as much contempt as they did the Environment Ministry before they’ve had this death-bed conversion, but no, no.. it must be because Minister Kenney has extra time on his hands because of the uh.. GOOD efficient job he’s been doing.. not because of any neglect or because they don’t take that Department seriously or anything.. no, no (other then trying to find wedge issues to split the traditional ethnic vote away from the Liberals, of course).


1 comment to Harper: Hey Jason (Kenney).. you got extra time on your hands… wanna help us slag Dion?

  • Fred

    It isn’t Kenny slagging Citoyen Dion . .its other LIBERALS, his own boys, his friends.

    Imagine what his enemies say about him.

    Why don’t you ask Joe “Mr. Pizza” Volpe for a candid opinion .

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