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Where I turn computer game reviewer

When I’m not arguing with Blogging Tories or even fellow Prog Blog or Libloggers, I like playing PC video games to relax.

I’ve been very fond of geopolitical strategic games for obvious reasons, and I’ve really liked the Europa Universalis series of games made by the folks at Paradox Software. Their latest game in that series – Europa Universalis 3 – has just been released. From their website:

Europa Universalis III delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy. This epic strategy game lets players take control of a nation and guide it through the ages to become a great global empire. Unparalleled in its depth and historical accuracy, Europa Universalis III gives the player unprecedented freedom in how they choose to rule their nation from an impressive choice of over 250 historically accurate countries.

I’ve just purchased it. Think of it as a ramped up version of the Civilization series of games. Anyhow, check this site out for one of many good reviews its getting from gaming mags.  It is a bit daunting at first, but its very very addictive.


3 comments to Where I turn computer game reviewer

  • anon

    Although I am a fan of Civilization – with many, MANY hours of play from Civ1 to Civ4 – I have always believed that the diplomacy, AI and trade systems could be vastly improved, with some relatively minor adjustments.

    Curious to see how this turns out.

  • as someone who has lost more hours than I care to think about playing Civ4; and the Warlords expansion, I find it hard to believe that Europa can out Civ Civ4 🙂 ..

    Now do you mind if I curse you later if this does indeed prove to be so addictive and better than Civ (says I as I go looking for a demo d/l link)

  • […] Like I said, when I’m not talking about politics on here, I use some of my spare time to play PC video games. One game I’ve just acquired and already talked about on here is Europa Universalis 3. Without getting into the review of the game again, consider it a Civilization-type game on steroids. It’s very addictive, and it also has an unbelievable music soundtrack playing while you’re trying to kick the living tar out of your enemy. […]

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