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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence..

How unpopular is George Bush and his policies you ask?

Bad enough that a leading US liberal blogsite says this of our Conservative Canadian Government and its decision to apologize to and compensate Maher Ahar for his wrongful rendition to and subsequent torture in Syria:

At least the Canadian Government seems to be run by people with a minimal sense of conscience and decency. The contrast with our own government, in this case at least, is depressingly glaring.

Now, many of us up here still have our problems with this government – one of the most neo and social conservative governments ever to run Canada – but its telling when certain segments of the US believe us to be a literal beacon of humanity and justice compared to the US at the moment.


5 comments to The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence..

  • Is Harper a supporter of PNAC? Can you attribute the new definition of the word to Harper? Or is he a disaffected liberal/socialist? How is he a neoconservative? Or is it just shorthand for “Bush-like”?

    As ever, :em36:

  • For the record, I do know the meaning of neo-conservative. Just look at the AEI or PNAC.. or Joe Lieberman… and so on and so forth.

    I agree the term has changed from the day when it was applied to dis-illusioned former liberals who wanted a stronger muscular foreign policy.

  • I’m back, baby! :em36:

    Although I just assume that your attempt to cut a deal was a stalling tactic to avoid my question, and that you use to word “neo-conservative” to mean “hard right conservative” or “mean conservative” or, worst of all, a “Bush style conservative” (shriek!!!)

    It doesn’t mean these things for the record, and its use with regards to Harper is inaccurate in my opinion, and is simply used as a pejorative term by the left even though it’s misapplied.

  • I’ll tell you if you promise to start blogging again. :em36:

  • Scott,

    Can you tell me, without looking it up, what a neo-conservative is? Just curious.

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