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Alzheimer’s information

There was some really good information in the Star today about Alzheimer Disease – it was an online Q and A forum for people wanting to know about Alzheimers getting to talk to some health-care professionals who’ve dealt with it. I wanted to repost the link here so other people who missed it might read it.

As for my grandfather, and what’s been going on with that family situation,  I wish I could say more about what’s been going on, but I’m kind of constrained from doing so at the moment due to a) not at this point knowing what has transpired this week and b) not wanting to have the possibility of random family members getting on and seeing me describe events that they havent heard about. If that changes and I feel I can post.. I will.


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  • Thanks for that link, Scott.

    There was also an interesting summary in the Star of Jan. 23 of a presentation made to the Ontario government concerning the province’s proposed Long-Term Care Homes Act. Professor Baines’s presentation was very critical both of levels of care currently provided in our nursing homes (I can vouch for that) and of the structural objectives of the current bill.

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