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Overwhelming majority of Canadians want May in the leader debates: Poll

Sure its a poll sponsored by the Green Party, but I agree with Greg Morrow: With this many Canadians favouring May’s inclusion, the broadcasters have no reason to keep her out of the debates. There is interest in May and the Green Party, and they should be given the chance to sink or swim by allowing Canadians to comparing her with the other leaders and hear what she has to advocate on behalf of the Greens.


3 comments to Overwhelming majority of Canadians want May in the leader debates: Poll

  • Jason Bo Green

    Jim Harris ought to have been in, and so should May. I’m glad Dion has taken this position, but I’d really like to see him play it as JimBobby suggests, and threaten to boycott if she’s not included (I doubt he will).

    It was high-time last election that the Greens were on the stage at the debate. It was probably high-time the election before that.

  • Whooee! Yer guy Dion sez she should be in, too. I hope Scotty an’ Michelle are pushin’ fer Earth Mother Lizzie May’s inclusion on accounta it’s the right thing t’ do instead o’ on accounta yer new bossman sez so.

    There’s one real easy way fer Dion t’ make sure Lizzie gets in. All’s he’s gotta do is tell the bigass executives who preside over our democracy (the Broadcast Consortium) that he’ll boycott debates that don’t include the Greenies. That’d smarten up the fatcats.


  • Sometimes I forget that I’m not the only political geek watching the debate. She should definetely be in the debates.

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