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When the pot boils, you can only keep the lid on for so long

For whatever else that can be said about him, and for all the criticism for his heavy-handedness and secretive governing style, Harper has done very well with keeping some of his more radical Conservative MP’s under wraps, so that he can try to dispel the notion amongst Canadians they needn’t fear a Tory majority being too extreme.

However, sooner or later you knew something would get around Harper’s tight-fisted vigilance, and it appears MP Colin Mayes is that something:

Liberals want a Conservative MP to resign as head of the Commons aboriginal affairs committee over his response to a racist e-mail. At issue is a joke e-mail that refers to a native man as ‘Tonto’ and ‘chief.’ A British Columbia television station reported that Tory MP Colin Mayes received the e-mail and responded with a “good joke.”

Now… you tell me whether all our Tory friends will react with as much outrage to this as they did to Dion’s musings over whether banned persons should be allowed back in to the Liberal Party or not. Let’s keep track of that count.


36 comments to When the pot boils, you can only keep the lid on for so long

  • Winston

    Actually, I think that Liberal delegates telling everyone not to vote for Bob Rae because his wife is Jewish at the Liberal leadership convention in December is more racist and offensive than that joke. Have those people been exposed yet?

  • lrC

    >someone laughing at a racist joke is much less worse

    Someone laughing at a racist joke is negligible. Your first mistake was to assume it actually matters except to oversensitive people constantly in search of excuses to be outraged at those with whom they politically disagree.

  • Dionosaur

    As someone who isn’t a Conservative, you wonder at what point the Liberals will start being a positive influence on the House of Commons.

  • Anon

    I’m sorry – I must be a little confused – are some of you trying to say that racism isn’t as bad as Adscam? Is that it?

    “Oh well, our Conservative MP may be racist – but you guys had adscam so you suck too?”

    I find that kind of lack of logic mind boggling – they both suck. They are both morally reprehensible.

  • Rob C

    Tina Keeper “accomplished actor” now “THAT” is humour.

  • Alienated

    Scott, you libs are so desperate with that lamer Dion leading your still corrupt gang of thieves that you pounce on a silly joke (which did not originate with a conservative MP) as supposed proof of racism.

    How is the joke even racist? It doesn’t make fun of Aboriginals, nor does it denigrate them in any way… it is simply pointing out how the libs have, for 13 years, treated their jobs in our government. That is the point of the joke, and libs find that offensive, so try to make it a racist thing.

    Instead of trying to make a mountain out of a grain of sand, lay low for the next few months and watch the liberal party purge itself of a few dozen other back-stabbing anti-Dionites.

  • And why have you been silent on baby-eating Scott? Why haven’t you condemned it? Is it because you support baby eating?

    P.S. Pacific scandal:

  • Slg wrote:
    [quote comment=”1091″]:em55:

    He’s back (Wilson61) with his conservative trolling comments without facts.

    Now, Wilson61 laughed at the e-mail joke – speaks volumes about the man doesn’t it.

    What an absolute Conservative troll (probably works in Harper’s government somewhere) JERK![/quote]

    Actually, Wilson61 is a “she”.

  • Simon: That’s a very nice story (if true), but the fact of the matter is its another red herring. I see you didnt deny you’re a visitor from Kate’s Cult (er, SDA), and that you dont deny the attitude towards natives at SDA is appalling.

    Also, the native groups and native peoples dont share your dismissal of this as nothing substantial.. One group has come out today and said this:

    Mtis National Council president Clement Chartier said the email exchange is not “behaviour that is acceptable today … It is bad taste.”

    “I find it offensive,” said Liberal MP Tina Keeper (Churchill), an accomplished Cree actor. She resents the fact that some people still try to portray natives as “cartoon” characters. “How could you not get that this is offensive particularly when you are in that role?”

    …and I expect more of the same to follow.

    Mayes cant even bring himself to apologize for this deplorable email exchange.. that would be a bare minimum.. he doesn’t get it.

  • slg


    He’s back (Wilson61) with his conservative trolling comments without facts.

    Now, Wilson61 laughed at the e-mail joke – speaks volumes about the man doesn’t it.

    What an absolute Conservative troll (probably works in Harper’s government somewhere) JERK!

  • Simon

    I’ll fill you in on a few facts Scott,but only this once.
    I was married to a Native gal from Nova Scotia for sixteen years,lived on the Lillooet Reserve for part of that, and my son was born there.

    My Ex and I parted company on good terms to pursue different interests.She’s a Federal Helth Nurse in the Arctic who specializes in Native Health Care.My son is an independent contractor in the aviation industry with about a dozen skilled tradesmen working under his guidance.
    Both status;neither collects any handouts from the gov’t.

    As for me I’ve run my own small construction company since probably before you knew what a politician was.

    I’m sure the good joke is on you Scott.

    Now as I previously stated ‘Get out of town ’till you can come up with something substantial to rant about.

  • Daugher of Big Chief Dirty Neck

    Cal said:
    Scott, I am on topic. The question was Which is worse? I believe you and your kind stealing my money is worse!

    Who’s Scott’s kind Cal? Who’s your kind?

    I’m one of them kind who don’t care for racist remarks out of elected officials who are paid from all our kinds’ pockets. Do you understand, Kemo Sabe? This question is directed at Cal and pretty much anyone who talks about your and our “kinds.”
    Nice knowing you Colin Mayes, if this is the height your supporters reach.

  • Simon.. you’re the one visiting my blog. I suggest you take your own advice and head back to SDA where you came from. I’m not surprised that your bunch thinks this is a trivial matter – as the general attitude over there toward First Nations people has been appalling.

  • “Resign Colin Mayes, resign.”

    Perhaps you should burn your bra while chanting this?

  • Simon

    Perhaps Collin Mayes’ response of “good joke” was in the spirit of disassociated sarcassm: an example being “yeh right” or how about “give me a break !”. Want me to go on?

    My last word on your grasping at straws Scott is ‘yeh right,give me a break” but no I’ll just settle for ‘good joke’.

    Get a life man! and while your at ‘get out of town’ and take your Liberal buddies with you.

  • That’s a pretty funny comment coming from you Aaron, following 2 rather silly messages from an SDA minion.

    Conservatives are very good at trying to distract or hijack a discussion thread when their own gets into trouble, and we’re seeing perfect evidence of that here.

    Resign Colin Mayes, resign.

  • Scott, if you want bloggers to be taken seriously, this sort of picayune silliness is not the way to go about it. :em37:

  • Cal

    Scott, I am on topic. The question was “Which is worse?” I believe you and your kind stealing my money is worse!

  • Ah, the SDA minions arrive… I wondered how long it would take.

    Keep on topic Cal, and stop using Ad hominem arguments to try and distract from the very serious issue of the head of the Native Affairs committees laughing at a racist native joke.

  • Cal

    Scott Tribe, how can you possibly condone the stealing of taxpayers money? I don’t know how anyone can vote Lieberal!!

  • ..not sure who you’re referring to Tony.. the original link to the “joke” is in the blogpost.. and Wilson has despite my disagreement with her also provided a link to CTV’s story of it. So there are plenty of links to read about this.

  • Tony W

    This seems like a smear by innuendo. I watch almost no TV, specifically cbc/ctv rumor. You should at least put up the peice you are refering to or is your standard M.O.

  • More attempts at red herrings by Wilson to distract from the appropriateness of the head of the Commons Native Affairs Committee laughing at a racist Indian joke (put it in the “off the cuff” blogpost where its more relevant). This is obviously a sore issue that Conservatives have recognized needs to be quickly obfuscated on and distracted from.

    I’ll go further then the Liberals have in calling for his resignation: not only should he resign from the head of the committee.. he should be taken off of it altogether.

  • wilson61

    What is the women’s name, in BC, she’s in radio or tv and announced recently she would be running for the Libs?

    The way Bob Rae was treated, I’d say it’s the Liberals that have a problem, not the Conservatives.

    And I do want to know who the 12 Lib candidates that took the stolen money
    are. It’s unfinished business Scott.
    If Dion had integrity (and I thought he did) he would tell us, and start clean, really clean.

    This will be the albatross around Liberal necks until then.

  • Hey Wilson, a person who has no qualms with 1 particular group or groups doesn’t automatically mean he doesn’t have something against another group. That doesn’t get him a free pass.

    Aaron.. I think a lot of people will care; particularly when the MP who thinks the joke is “funny” is also head of the Commons native affairs committee.

  • [quote comment=”1065″]How did the Liberals get ahold of the email?

    Perhaps more context would be appropriate.

    In any case, who cares?[/quote]

    The Liberals didnt get “ahold of” the mail. The media did.

    It was leaked to a British Columbia television station by a man who was recently fired from the board of the local Conservative association in Mayes’s riding of Okanagan-Shuswap.

  • wilson61

    ”It was leaked to a British Columbia television station by a man who was recently fired from the board of the local Conservative association in Mayes’s riding of Okanagan-Shuswap.”

  • wilson61

    p.s I think the joke is funny. And you’ll just have to take my word at not being a racist, I have proof.

    What pacific scandal?
    And before you answer that, I voted Chretien in 93.

  • How did the Liberals get ahold of the email?

    Perhaps more context would be appropriate.

    In any case, who cares?

  • What about the pacific scandal Wilson? When are the Conservatives finally going to apologize for that! We haven’t forgotten!

  • wilson61

    read the whole story .
    This e-mail happened last summer, and conveniently found it’s way into the media, the same day a Dion supporter was busted with $4 m in cocaine.

    Would a racist man marry a Japanese woman, his daughters adopted Haiti children, real racist.

    Here’s the punch line from the joke:

    “The Indian smiles and proudly says, `Training for an upper management position in Canadian Government: Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up, and disappear for rest of day.’ ”

  • Nice try Wilson.. but you’re in the wrong thread. Typical conservative reaction.. always try to deflect or distract blame from yourself or your own by trying to blame or fault others for something else – as if that makes the current action any less reprehensible or justifies it. :em38:

  • wilson61

    So who were the 12 Liberal candidates that got all those $100 bills of stolen money?

    ps. I’m curious what day that e-mail was sent, the article doesn’t say.

  • I really wish Stephen and his gang would take the advice of so many of his online friends and just respond with “adscam” or “you were corrupt” or “13 years of.. blah blah blah” every time a Conservative makes a blunder.

    It would make for some great television and Canadians would eat up that excuse. Oh I’m sure they would. Defending a racist e-mail by bringing up adscam in the next breath.

    But, no we’re only treated to that kind of bizarre behaviour on the internet 🙁

  • I figured my #1 Conservative apologist for commenting on this blog would come on here and try to tell us all how someone laughing at a racist joke is much less worse then discussing whether we should forgive someone or not.. and LrC, you didn’t disappoint. (Actually, you DID disappoint as well… I would have thought you’d be objective enough to admit that this idiocy by Mayes towers over what Dion said.. but apparently not).

  • lrC

    Gee…let’s compare:

    1) Finds a “Polish” joke humourous.

    2) Forgive-and-forget over brokering cash handouts because…he didn’t know it was wrong?… he knew it was wrong, but thought he’d get away with it?… he knew it was wrong and figured he’d do the crime because he could do the time?… what exactly? And if he knew it was wrong, what’s the assurance he won’t be willing to face the “penalty” again?

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