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Off the cuff

I was away yesterday afternoon and most of the evening, and so didn’t get the chance to comment on this particular story that got a lot of media and blogging attention. I would be of the opinion expressed by everyone else that I read – which would be that allowing anyone back into the Liberal Party associated with the sponsorship scandal is a bad move.

I see Dion’s aides are calling it an “off-the-cuff” answer to an unexpected question. If that’s the case, and it was a temporary brain cramp and he has no intention of trying to get these people reinstalled – as he said to the media yesterday – this will be a minor hiccup, which Dion and his communications team can use as a lesson learned. Be prepared to answer any question, no matter how likely or unlikely it might be to get asked.


11 comments to Off the cuff

  • Dionosaur

    In the same manner, isn’t fishing easy money? Forestry, that’s just hacking down some trees. Nickel miners? Car manufacturers that haven’t improved fuel efficiencies in decades. Bankers, people just come to you and give you their lifes savings. And how about policians? There are a lot of people who make ‘easy money’.

  • Well, oil IS easy money. Companies are making easy money and multi-billion dollar profits, but they’re polluting the atmosphere and are the major reason Canada has a problem with greenhouse gases.

    The truth hurts sometimes, and  I’m glad he said it So no,  I dont consider that a gaffe at all.

  • Dionosaur

    Exactly who is a climate change denier Scott? To state that people are earning easy money when making other VALID points completely undermines the points he is trying to make.

  • What exactly did he say when he went to Alberta that can be considered brain cramps Dinosaur? That greenhouse gases are bad? That companies who excel at cutting them should be rewarded? Or that companies who dont should be penalized?

    I realize the chronic global warming deniers out there wouldn’t like most of anything he had to say.. but thats not the same as brain cramps.

  • Dionosaur

    Wow, let’s just hope Dion never receives an ‘unexpected question’ on the international stage. Are the brain cramps temporary or a chronic condition? He had them when he went to Alberta.

  • WestmountLiberal

    I too wrote the National Party President and Quebec Party President.
    I’m happy to hear it is now an off the cuff comment & not something to be taken seriously.

  • wilson61

    Be prepared for Question Period:

    ”So who are the 12 Liberal candidates that secretly received $100 bills from Cote?”

    Why won’t Dion tell us?

  • I was shocked to hear about that..who was this stupid reporter that caught Dion off guard? Why did he ask?
    Anyhow, I wrote to the Liberal Party and spoke my mind..political suicide !

  • Jim

    I don’t buy it as off the cuff. This sounded somewhat measured, or at least that he thought about it before speaking. Jean Chretien, now, he used to say a lot of things off the cuff.

    Anyways, for a humourous comparison.

    Suppose I were Bill Clinton, and someone told me that Monica Lewinsky was trying to get back on my staff; which of these sounds off the cuff:

    (a) We have a fair and honest hiring practice and all candidates will be reviewed on the basis of their own merits. I don’t really have a say in who my staff hire.
    (b) Monica Lewinsky? Oh, hell no.

    Stephane Dion responded (a) when he should have responded (b).


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