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Another Birthday Cards For Shane post.

There’s a few of these posts around the blogosphere today, but its for a good cause, so I’m also joining in on the effort to publicize this.

Andrew Anderson of Bound By Gravity/Canadian Blog Exchange wrote this post and asked if some of us might be so kind to publicize seven year old Shayne’s birthday wish (he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of cancer) and see if people would join in helping to grant that wish, and I’m more then happy to do so.


3 comments to Another Birthday Cards For Shane post.

  • Lynn (the baker at CHEO)

    I would like to thank everyone who is sending Shane a card. On Tuesday Jan. 23, 2007. My co-worker Sue came up to me and said “You know our Shane, he is going to be 8 years old on May 30 and all he wants for his birthday is to beat the worlds record of birthday cards” Thats right no toys just a card. SO I knew we could do it, so I called Kiss Fm first thing wednesday morning, and the response for the cards was wonderful. This little boy is the happiest thing ever. Everyone is asking why does he just want cards for his birthday here is the story: Shane loves to see his name, every time he sees his name on a card, he gets really happy. And when Shane is happy he doesn’t think about where he is, or that he is sick. He is getting his wish to come true and that is all the cares about. And that is thanks to everone who sends him a cards.

  • knb

    I’m in. I always have birthday cards around the house, for young and old…so I’ll find one for Shane. What a cutie!

    How to make sense of it, I cannot.

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