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Add Chantal Hebert to the list..

..of pundits who’ve decided to take some shot at Stephane Dion’s dual citizenship in a throwaway paragraph at the end of an otherwise good piece on the France-Quebec relationship here

Maybe she’s been hanging out with Coyne too much on this dual citizenship stuff and its relevance (or lack thereof in my opinion). I know she’s not exactly pro-Dion, but I was surprised to see this coming from her.


13 comments to Add Chantal Hebert to the list..

  • I really don’t buy the “Hébert wields the axe” stuff, it was just a one off “wouldn’t that be funny” ending to the column. Yeah, it was clear by the end that she thought Ignatieff was the candidate to get Québec, and thought that was best for the Liberals (in spite of the usual misgivings about Ignatieff.)

    But let’s can the leadership vendettas; I for one greatly value the views Hébert gives. I was unpleasantly surprised when some of the unpalatable truths she offered during the nation-flap were passed off as he “soft-nationalism” and “separatism.” (She’s a franco-ontarienne) Now suddenly she’s running interference for Ezra Levant’s francophobia? Come on. I’m disappointing in Coyne going for that crap, but that’s not what this is.

    Hébert’s as close to a friend to Liberals as a columnist really can be with any claim to journalistic impartiality.

  • I’m not surprised. Chantal never liked Dion, and directed more and more nasty comments at him as time went on. This is just another thing she thinks she can attack him over because she personally doesn’t like him for whatever reason.

  • [quote comment=”1019″]BCL, optics are everything.

    When you have no defence, swing into offensive name calling.

    Is that what Dion will do to defend his French citizenship?[/quote]

    Dion, unlike most conservative supporters, is far too classy a person to engage in that.

    As I said, it will be a dead issue that most Canadians wont give 2 hoots about, except for you neo-con raving rightwingers.

  • wilson61

    BCL, optics are everything.

    When you have no defence, swing into offensive name calling.

    Is that what Dion will do to defend his French citizenship?

  • chantal’s been dead to me since her ridiculous pro-iggy pro-quebec-nationalist stance during the leadership race. i still think she is a good pundit, but has absolutely zero credibility in discussing dion or quebec nationalism in an objective manner.

    as for the dual-citizenship bullshit, i got myself into a tizzy over it until i realized i was playing into troglodyte hands. best to ignore the knuckledraggers, lest you give them the air of credibility.

  • Ottlib


    Please do not try to deflect this on to the “left”.

    The fact is it was a right-wing commentator that brought this whole situation up and it was the Conservatives who were stupid enough to give Mr. Levant’s meanderings legs by talking it up more.

    It was only after this particular line of attack backfired and after it was pointed out that the Conservative caucus has many dual-citizens (adding one more a couple of weeks ago) that Conservatives came up with this “would you be so forgiving if a CPC leader was a Canadian/US citizen?” line.

    No one is buying it. By questioning the loyalty of everybody who happens to be a dual citizen, Conservatives have managed to alienate millions of Canadians and no amount of deflection by them will correct that blunder.

  • John Turner was a dual British-Canadian citizen during his brief ascension to Prime Minister in 1984 and no one made a peep about that.

    I suspect it’s merely to do with the fact the dual citizenship Dion shares happens to be with France. The conservative Bush apologists up here latched onto the same anti-France spiel that they did in the US over the fact France was a leading opponent to attacking Iraq.

    Never mind they were right (as was Canada under Chretien) and virtually everyone else predicting this was a disaster.. the neocons up here still resent France’s role in that war.. so they will take every opportunity to bash that country or associate anyone with them as “disloyal”.

    The fact Dion has it gives them an opportunity to attack, but attacking someone who has been acknowledged as the leading federalist against separatists in the 1990’s  by questioning his loyalty will go over like a lead balloon. Its an irrelevant issue except to those right wing fanatics such as Ezra Levant. The fact it got some  headway in the mainstream media drage my opinion down of them, but I suspect to a regular Canadian voter, it is a drop of water in a big ocean of other more important priorities.

  • Wilson,

    So all that happens? So what? What’s the valid point? you think Dion will sell us out during cheese negotiations?

  • wilson61

    Chantel makes a valid point.

    ”Meanwhile though, all that leaves Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion in a bit of a potential quandary. Given his dual citizenship, he might one day, if he becomes prime minister, find himself crossing swords on the unity issue with a pro-sovereignty French president that he could legally call his own”

  • “Would you be so nonchalant about a potential PM being a citizen of more than 1 country if that other country was the US??”

    Yep, I would. I don’t care if Walid Kahn has dual citizenship, or Vic Teows or Stephane Dion. They are now in Canada, serving in Canadian parliament having taken an oath to uphold the constitution and remain loyal to the Queen.

    What more do you want?

  • Ah, I think it was just a joke. Chantal’s cool.

  • Would you be so nonchalant about a potential PM being a citizen of more than 1 country if that other country was the US?? If it was discovered a CPC leader one day also had US citizenship, would you be indifferent?? Or is it, as usual w/ the left, a different story when those big bad Americans enter the picture??

    For the record, I would have a problem with this. I have said that if Ted Morton had become Preem of Alberta, he shoudda given up his US citizenship. I’m no hypocrite.

  • Since before the last election she’s been all over the place – and seemingly more of an apologist for Harper than I would have ever expected.

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