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A State Of The Union Address with no applause lines?

For the last several years that Bush has had his State Of The Union address, it was basically a speech filled with partisan political statements designed to get Republicans cheering and poke Democrats in the eye at every possible opportunity.

Now that President Bush faces a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, and Speaker Pelosi sitting beind him (with a crabby Dick Cheney next to her), it will be interesting to see how many partisan punch-lines he’s going to attempt tonight. Will he try and be conciliatory? Or will he basically go all-out and try to sell his Iraq surge plan? I dont normally watch SOTU addresses, but I might take a peek tonight. I’ll be reading with interest those Prog and Liblog bloggers who are based in the US what their reaction to his speech is from their POV (if they watch it of course).

UPDATE: Courtesy Of The Washington Monthly, The LA Times is predicting the SOTU speech will be more belligerent then conciliatory. Apparently, Bush is going to claim Iran is interfering in Iraq’s affairs, but as the LA Times says and Kevin Drum of TWM expands upon, evidence for widespread involvement is scant, and the Bush administration is probably overexagerrating its case, which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who’s followed this bunch – that’s their modus operandi.


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