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The sleeper non-confidence in the government issue

When we did that special edition of the Bloggers Hotstove on the Sunday after the Cabinet shuffle and the Khan defection, we got asked what would be issues we thought could bring the Conservative Government down, if it wasn’t going to be the actual budget vote.

Greg Staples, our host and moderator, opined that childcare would be the sleeper issue. If more stories like this start appearing about how the Tories plans to create additional daycare spaces has created exactly 0 of them, (as in zero) and with the plan to try and lure private business into the childcare business by dangling a tax credit in front of them a colossal failure so far, Greg might be onto something.


2 comments to The sleeper non-confidence in the government issue

  • According to a study published in the current issue of TODAY’S PARENT magazine, 31% of Canadian parents surveyed by the magazine want funding to create more child care spaces

    Legislation guaranteeing part-time/flex-time is just as appealing to most parents as those much-lauded tax breaks and credits.

    Another point: child care isn’t just an issue for parents. It’s increasingly an issue for grandparents. One in ten grandparents now provides childcare to their grandchildren. And a worsening shortage of childcare spaces could have an increasing impact on Grandma and Grandpa’s plans for their retirement years. And if they have to give up their plans for leisure to respond to a childcare emergency in the family, you can bet they won’t be looking too kindly on the Harper government’s $100 a month alternative to a real childcare solution.

  • mushroom

    It is a sleeper issue in that Harper can rally his so-cons to his side. Note his promise to split the income of pensioners. Watch Flaherty implement income splitting in the NEXT budget for married couples and families with children. This policy will rally all the stay at home moms to his side.

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