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Fingers crossed..

Michelle Oliel runs the Liberal blog Michelle’s World, which is one of the blogs on my sidepanel. I got to meet her at the Liberal Convention in December and we’ve become friends.  She’s had a bit of a drop-off in blogpostings the last month, and the reason for that is what she details in this posting; Michelle will be going for an operation next month to see whether she has cervical cancer or not – I guess they detected something in the past month and this will be to see if the cells they found that look abnormal are cancerous or not.

My best wishes and prayers to her. Hopefully its nothing major… but it looks like they detected whatever it is early. I’m sure with her spunk and spirit she’ll be just fine.


3 comments to Fingers crossed..

  • Scott, did you know that cervical cancer is caused by a virus, HPV, and that there is a vaccine now? Yes, it may not help Michelle at this moment, but I keep thinking about your posts about drug companies. The HPV vaccine is not funded by the government for all children yet, and it is very expensive. Families would love to get it to protect their daughters, and eventually their sons (HPV causes reproductive cancers in men as well), but the price is out of reach for low income Canadians.
    HPV and cervical dysplasia also cause infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature births. The government could save a lot of lives as well as a lot of money in future health care expenses if they covered the cost. So why don’t they? I wish I knew.

  • Another Canadian blogger recently posted that they beat cervical cancer.

  • Michelle is one of my best friednds in the Liberal Party and you’re right, with her spunk, if anyone can beat it, it would be her. Hopefully it is nothing though.

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