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More evidence of global warming found in the ice.

This journal is a fascinating look at how scientists have been drilling through the ice at Antarctica to obtain ice cores and examine them for past and present climate indicators:

Ice cores are cylinders of ice, removed from an ice sheet or glacier by drilling into the polar ice caps, located in places like Antarctica and Greenland, where temperatures remain below freezing year around. Because snow cannot melt in these environments, each year’s snowfall accumulates on top of previous year’s snowfalls. Over a long period of time, these snowfalls form layers of ice deep down.

Ice cores preserve the compounds that fell with them at the time (volcanic ash, radioactive particles, etc), so its an important way to examine what has gone on in the climate in years past, and what its currently doing. And what may you ask, does the ice cores from more recent years show?

Basically what polar ice cores are showing us is that there is a correlation between higher temperatures and increases in greenhouse gases. Once again, we have come to a period of high presence of greenhouse gases and research at Vostok is showing that it has been caused by a large part from human causes, such as the burning of fossil fuels.

This is a very informative journal with some good links. I highly recommend this as a read.


2 comments to More evidence of global warming found in the ice.

  • Ex-Ndip.. you continue to be the standard bearer for The Flat-Earth Society on this issue.

    Research at the Vostok ice core has shown current CO2 levels to be the highest in the history of the core, due to the increased burning of fossil fuels. If the global climate of the past is used as an indicator, higher temperatures and an interglacial, warming period would be predicted for the future. As we are seeing today, in fact temperatures are increasing, a long with the CO2 levels in the core.

    We are aggravating global warming by our man-made emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere … how you can continue to deny this in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence is beyond me.. other then perhaps you’re a shareholder for a major oil company in Alberta.


    Its all happened before . . . note that the CO2 could not have caused any warming as the levels allways follow . . . not precede temperature rises. But volcanic ash and water vapour (clouds) does trap heat . . . or were the Vikings driving Escalades???

    Then as now human activity had little or no effect on the global condition.

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