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The media starting to call for Green Participation in Leaders debates as well

So I see from over at Devon’s site he’s highlighting a call from The G & M’s Business columnist that Elizabeth May be allowed into the televised leader’s debates.

I say why not; you might actually have a few more Canadians tune in to watch how Elizabeth May does and what she says from the mere curiosity factor of it all. That’s what the debates are for after all – to have leaders debate and express ideas. Anything to help increase viewer and voter participation is a good idea.. and May with her freshness and charisma (and with the environment being the biggest factor in a Canadian election), I say put her up there.

If Gilles Duceppes gets to go on the English debate when he’s not running any candidates in the ROC and has no intention of doing so, I dont see why Elizabeth May who has candidates running in all parts of the country shouldnt be allowed up there as well. I’ll go further: In my view, Duceppes should be taken off the English-debate panel and May inserted in his place.


8 comments to The media starting to call for Green Participation in Leaders debates as well

  • Whooee! Dion, or any o’ the bigass leaders, could make sure Earth Mother Lizzie May gets a seat at the debates. Alls they need t’ do is say they’ll boycott any debates that don’t include the GPC. Not everybuddy knows that it ain’t Elections Canadee who calls the shots on who gets inta the debates. It’s a bunch bigass executives from the TV networks. Before he ran fer the CPC, Global TV’s Peter Kent sat on the Broadcast Consortium decidin’ who’s in an’ who’s out.

    The Greenies been pollin’ bewteen 6%-11%. They got 5% o’ the popular vote in each o’ the last two electionvotes. Elections Canadee funds ’em (with yer money) t’ the tune o’ $1 million a year. Don’t we deserve t’ see Lizzie May up on her hind legs with the 4 guys in suits.

    Demand Democratic Debates has a petition t’ sign. If Scotty’s Liberals are arm-in-arm with their bossman Dion, they oughta go an’ sign the petition.


  • I wouldn’t mind seeing May in the debates. I was rather indifferent as to whether or not Jim Harris was ever included as I never found him that interesting to listen to, however I think May could really add some spark to the debates – that and I’d really like to see a women on the debate floor.

    I’m going to disagree with your point about Gilles Duceppe though as I’ve never liked that argument. There are many people in Quebec who speak english as their first language, as well as ridings that contain a majority of people who speak english so he should get a chance to appeal to them in their first language. Also by removing him from the english debates it would create this illusion that Quebec is solely french, which I think would cause more trouble then it’s worth.

  • knb

    “The Grit leader, however, should be careful what he hopes for. May, an articulate woman in a man’s game, may broaden her party’s appeal beyond that of a one-issue party.”

    This is what Sheila Copps had to say about Dion wanting May in on the debates.

    What a ridiculous comment. Dion has already been clear that he does not agree with May on many issues and I for one do hope she broadens her party’s appeal. I’d love to see her in the House.

    As for Ms. Copps, she was commending the current government on their announcements??? I honestly do wonder why she and Mr. Kinsella feel they speak for Liberals.

  • Well, I’d like to see her in. I want her “all things to all people” act to be savaged by the others. I certainly hope that all parties, but especially the NDP, are preparing for the possibility that she might be included. I disagree with Werner that she’d kick ass. She’ll already shown herself (through her anti-choice remarks in the by-election) to be very suggestable to contradicting herself and she’ll like do so again.

    I have to disagree with you about excluding Duceppe from the English debate though. That just reinforces the idea that Quebec=French. Quebec and the francophone community in Canada overlap a lot, but they are *not* congruent! There are plenty of francophones outside of Quebec who cannot vote Bloc even if they want to and there are a good number of anglophone Quebecers who’d miss out by not having Duceppe in the English debate. And some of us political nerds like to watch both debates and compare them. 🙂 Making them different by removing one person from just one of them changes the dynamic.

  • [quote comment=”954″]I thought that Jim Harris should have been allowed last year. May CERTAINLY deserves it after her showing in London. I’m very disappointed Layton hasn’t joined in supporting this.[/quote]

    Well, we know why, don’t we? Jack is feeling the pressure from the Green Party and its incessant growth in the polls.

    As Charles Adler said in an interview with Garth Turner a few days ago, Jack is coming across as a crank these days, which is due to the Greens and May. Jack is scared, because if the polls keep going the way they have, the NDP will soon be an irrelevant party.

  • Mike:

    I would think particularly since the NDP(or some of the NDP bloggers) are claiming May is actually leading a centre-right party and that people who think they are voting for a left-of-centre party are fooled would want her views aired more publicly and prominently to prove that – since it seems to be the NDP that the Greens are siphoning off a lot of support from (they are from the CPC and Liberals as well, but it appears the NDP is most affected).

  • I thought that Jim Harris should have been allowed last year. May CERTAINLY deserves it after her showing in London. I’m very disappointed Layton hasn’t joined in supporting this.

  • All I can say is that it’s about time. May has every right to participate in the debates (and she’d kick some serious ass).

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