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Split poll on prescription drug ban to US

Looking at the current poll at Prog Blog… it’s a pretty close vote  in terms of whether people want or dont want a ban on bulk drug sales to the US if the Congress down there passes a law authorizing Americans to be able to so from Canada.

It seems people are split on wanting to help people get the inexpensive drugs they need, or to try to keep our supply safe from potential shortages and make the US deal with the high cost of drugs domestically. I was a bit surprised that the vote is close as it is. I dont have an opinion yet 1 way or the other, but I had the feeling there would be a resounding overwhelming yes winning the poll… but not the case.


4 comments to Split poll on prescription drug ban to US

  • If American residents want the medical perks of being a Canadian – they can apply to become citizens. Or they should vote for people who will bring health care reform and change the system so that they can enjoy Canadian-like perscription drugs.

    I think if the US law passes there could be a depletion of drugs from Canada into the ‘States and this is simply not fair to Canadians. It’s not just a matter of their dollar being higher and they’re saving on the exchange, but rather a whole new lower price due to our system.

    Like I said before, if they want Canadian perks they can apply for citizenship.

  • knb

    You’re right Scott, I could have, and I did try, but I haven’t followed the trail until now, so I got a bit lost.

  • “Yes” in this case would be in favour of a ban.. so opposite of what you said.

    (You could have visited our site and looked, ya know :em21: )

  • knb

    Sorry Scott, I guess I’m a bit thick, but when you say “yes”, does that mean pro sending/sharing?

    I haven’t read all there is to read, but I would stand with yes regardless.

    Industry has a way of dealing with shortage…it translates to profit. We’ve had so much warning of this, if the industry hasn’t bulked up to compensate, shame on them…but I bet they have.

    Bottom line to me is, some need, we have, we must share. This is a small example of what we must do globally, in various context’s.

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