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Speculations on Cuba

It appears that Fidel Castro is close to death in Cuba. If he dies now, or sometime between now and January 2009, I would say it’s a fairly safe presumption that Bush and company will try to meddle in Cuba’s post-Castro affairs, given their track record in international affairs.

I’m not saying that I dont hope Cuba becomes more democratic in a post-Castro Cuba… what I’m saying is I hope the US stays out of Cuba’s affairs while they decide what they want to do. Bush’s track record for “bringing democracy” to an area isn’t exactly the most sparkling, given the Iraqi disaster, and any attempts by him to do the same in Cuba will probably alienate that nation’s people into supporting Castro’s flunkies, and cause that nation to go farther away from democracy, not towards it.

So, I say hands off Cuba, Bushco, and use your version of Star Trek’s “Prime Directive”.  If the Cuban people are destined for democracy, they must decide on their own account.


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  • Actually its probably not going to be Bush that will get involved with Cuba, nor any president. Cuba has had a long lasting scar on American politics and no American president has wanted to touch Cuba with a ten foot pole. Jimmy Carter has been working with Cuba quite a bit in the last few years and has talked with Castro quite often. If anyone is going to try and get democracy in Cuba it will be Carter, not Bush.

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