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Add your favourite George Orwell line from 1984 here.

Hat-tip to Dan at CalgaryGrit for showing the doublespeak the Tories are engaging in over Dion’s position on tax breaks for oil-sands development and possibly ending them. When Dion first suggested a month or so ago he’d review the taxbreaks and stop them for companies not meeting environmental standards, Harper went into a “Eastern politicians don’t care about the West” rant:

“It’s easy for some of the other parties – for Mr. Dion, or the NDP, or the Bloc – who don’t represent Albertans and Westerners to say Albertans should pay all the taxes in the country.

And here’s John Baird, our new Environment Minister a couple of days ago at his big environmental announcement, talking about the same program his boss a month earlier said shouldn’t be touched by those nasty Eastern politicians:

Baird acknowledged Wednesday that he is puzzled by the federal assistance in the booming sector. “I cannot explain why the Liberal government of Mr. Dion made these changes,” Baird said, speaking in French. “I’m not here to defend the policies of Stephane Dion and the Liberal party. It was the (Liberal) cabinet with Stephane Dion that created this program.

Eurasia has always been at war with Oceania….


3 comments to Add your favourite George Orwell line from 1984 here.

  • Well.. you can add me to the lovefest here.. I concur with both of you. Unbelievable… we have a consensus.

  • lrC,

    Ending corporate welfare and Nanny State Conservatism is something you and I agree on. We should mark this down, it doesn’t happen often.

  • lrC

    It would be nice if the Cons would just cut subsidies in all forms to all industries, period.

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